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Which nocode tools should I use for my e-commerce site?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of no-code tools to use for your e-commerce shop according to the different management areas: Design, Payment, SEO, Automation, Marketing or performance monitoring!

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Nocode tools are becoming more and more important in our personal and professional lives. Indeed, the development of these tools allows many people to do things that only developers could do a few years ago. For example, you can create a website without knowing how to code thanks to no-code platforms or create databases for your business.

Today, we are going to focus on the nocode tools that will help you build, create and manage your e-commerce shop. We will divide the tools according to their different types of use for your online sales platform.

nocode tools for designing your e-commerce site

Figma: Prototyping and modelling

Figma is an online collaborative software that allows you to create user interfaces (UI). You can then create wireframes (representative diagram of a site), mock-ups (faithful representation of the site) and prototypes (mock-ups + animations and interactions between pages). Thus, thanks to Figma, you will be able to build your future e-commerce site in concrete terms. You will need a little time to learn how to create more and more complex designs, but the tool is quite easy to use.

This nocode tool offers a freemium package. In the free version, you already have access to many features. The paid versions allow, among other things, an unlimited number of files and the possibility of downloading specific plugins.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Figma

Webflow: Development

Webflow is a platform for creating nocode sites. It is a very powerful tool because almost everything is customizable thanks to drag and drop. A big focus is made to allow the creation of fully customized and performing websites. Thus, your Figma model is totally realizable on Webflow. The tool is more difficult to handle, but you can have an "easy" access thanks to the editor mode. This no-code tool will allow you to create a large online shop by offering the possibility to integrate other nocode tools to its site.

Different price plans are available, but for your e-commerce site, the offer starts from 29$ per month.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Webflow

No-code tools to manage the payment system

Stripe : Cashing out

Stripe is a tool that will allow you to collect payments on your e-commerce site. The platform will simplify the transfer of money from a customer's account to your company's account. The tool is convenient because you can easily integrate it with your website creation platform. The dashboard is intuitive and very visual.

Creating an account and using the tool is free, however, Stripe takes a percentage of your sales (1.4% + 0.25€ for European cards and 2.9% + 0.25€ for non-European cards). You also have an option to customise your offer.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Stripe

Checkout page : Payment pages

Checkout page is a nocode tool that allows you to create checkout pages for your website. You can share these pages on your social networks, newsletter or wherever you want to facilitate the checkout process. The tool is easy to use and looks a bit like a form building platform.

The starter offer allows you to use the tool for free, but takes 2% per transaction. A premium offer is also available for $20 per month.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Checkout page

nocode tools for marketing management

Airtable : Database / CRM

Airtable is a low-code platform that allows, among other things, to create and manage a database. In fact, the tool is basically an online collaborative spreadsheet. However, you can use this platform as a database by linking different tables. In addition, you can use apps, automate your tasks and use APIs to use the full power of this application. The advantage for your e-commerce site is that Airtable will allow you to retrieve information from customers and put it into your database through automated processes. You will be able to link customers to orders and products for example.

Airtable has a free version, but offers a "Plus" plan at $10 per month, a "Pro" plan at $20 per month and an "Enterprise" plan for a customised offering.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Airtable

Sendinblue : Newsletter

Sendinblue is an e-mailing software. Thanks to this tool, you can create email campaigns quickly and easily: very useful to propose the best products of your shop or current promotions. You can use templates to build your email and use the drag and drop system. Sendinblue offers you the possibility to schedule your emails while segmenting your audience. Another feature also allows you to create scenarios to personalise your email campaigns.

Sendinblue is a freemium platform. The paid offers are very flexible and so are the monthly prices. The basic paid offer starts at 19€ per month.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Sendinblue

Jotform : Form

Jotform is a no-code online form generator. You can create custom forms easily and integrate them to your website. Many integrations are available from the platform (Stripe, Slack, Sendinblue, ...). You can create forms for your online shop to collect subscriptions for example. The tool also offers the possibility to create scenarios. Moreover, the tool is collaborative!

Many plans are available, but a free version is available. Paid versions start at $24 per month.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Jotform

No-code tools to optimise the SEO of your e-commerce site

Peppertype : Content writing is a tool that will help you in your content strategy. This application relies on the use of artificial intelligence to generate original content. This nocode tool allows you to produce quality content, propose content ideas and check the grammar and authenticity of your content. Thanks to this platform, you can save time when writing content. The big positive point is that different solutions are proposed (meta-description ideas, post ideas for social networks, Amazon product description, ...). For your online shop, you can generate content for your product sheets for example.

A limited version is available free of charge, otherwise offers start at $25 per month.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce:

1.en: Optimising your content is a tool that allows you to optimise your texts for your natural referencing. To do so, you just have to :

  • Choose on which search engine you want to optimise your text (Google or Bing)
  • Enter the query for which you want to optimise your content
  • Enter the URL of one of your pages or import your text

You will then be given a score out of 100 and will have access to a list containing keywords to insert to improve your score. A Google Chrome extension is also available.

Regarding the price, a free version only gives you your score while the paid version at 45€ per month allows you to have all the features.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce :

Dokey: Optimising your content

Dokey is also a tool that helps you write and optimise your content. To use this SEO tool, you need :

  • Add a new article
  • Entering a target query and title

Next, you will be presented with an interface where you will see your main competitors, their headers, the topic themes, relevant questions, etc. You can then write your content in the writing section and get a score out of 100. Dokey gives you ideas for keywords to include in your text and the optimal number of occurrences. You have a detailed score and goals for what to optimise for your SEO. A very useful nocode tool to analyse your product sheets, articles, etc.

When you sign up for Dokey, you get a free trial with 3 free items. To continue, the "personal" plan at 41€/month and the "team" plan at 124€/month are available.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Dokey

nocode tools to automate your tasks

Zapier : Automation

Zapier is a nocode platform that allows you to automate tasks between various other web platforms. You can connect hundreds of platforms together. For example, you can automate receiving a Slack notification when there is a new sale on Stripe. The tool is quite intuitive and automation templates are available.

Zapier offers several paid plans (the cheapest is €17.95 per month), but also a free plan with up to 100 tasks per month.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Zapier

Integromat: Automation

Integromat is a competitor to Zapier as it offers the same service. The advantage of integromat is that it allows more flexibility and has a wider range of applications to connect. The disadvantage of integromat is that it is not as easy to use as Zapier.

Regarding prices, a free offer is available with 1000 operations per month. Paid solutions start at $9 per month.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Integromat

nocode's tools for monitoring performance

Databox : Dashboard

Databox is a nocode tool that allows you to create dashboards to monitor the performance and statistics of your site or your social networks. You can connect your Google Analytics, Ads, YouTube, Stripe, etc. account. To create your custom dashboard, you first need to choose the data source platform, the metrics you want to view and finally connect to your account.

A free offer including 3 data sources and 3 dashboards is available. After that, you will have to pay a minimum of $91 per month to have access to more features.

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Databox

Narrative.BI: Data Stories is a platform that will allow you to transform your Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads data (for now) into a short meaningful sentence. A little joy for those who hate numbers. All you have to do is log in with one of your accounts. The interface is in English, but will show you various interesting statistics. You can archive certain cards, set a specific period, sort by topics, etc. If you want to follow the evolution of your sales thanks to simple and meaningful sentences for example, this tool is great.

One big plus point is that this no-code tool is completely free!

Screenshot of the interface of the nocode tool for e-commerce: Narrative.BI

That's it, we've made a small tour of the interesting nocode tools to use to launch your e-commerce platform. If you want, you can get coupon codes on these different nocode tools thanks to Digidop by visiting our toolbox. Many other no-code tools are very useful to develop your online business. If you need help to improve your online visibility, Digidop is a certified webflow agency!

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