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Figma is a no-code collaborative design tool for web interface prototypes!

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From : US$15.00/month Free trial available Free version available

Use cases

  • Wireframe design for website (UX)

  • Creation of website mock-ups (UI)

  • Creation of graphic designs

Overview of Figma

Why use Figma?

How does Figma work?

No-code collaborative design tool

Figma is a collaborative web design tool. Thanks to its interface, you can create, edit and share designs without having to download any software. Numerous templates and plugins allow you to achieve what you want. It is a very useful tool for UX/UI designers.

Collaboration on the development of a Figma model
Collaboration on the development of a Figma model

Is Figma easy to use?

Figma is a fairly intuitive tool. The interface makes it possible to quickly get to grips with the various functions. Moreover, we can work together to go faster and further. However, a learning curve is necessary to create complex designs.

X Figma tools

Figma is a no-code tool that can be used with :

  • Webflow: From a mock-up to an optimized website + Creation of Open-Graph and other visuals

Conclusion on the tool

Benefits of Figma

  • Collaborative tool
  • Infinite possibilities in design
  • Very visual tool
  • Live viewing possible
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages of Figma

  • Consumes a lot of resources
  • Some minor bugs

Free Figma Training

We offer a 100% free Figma training on Digidop Academy, which aims to teach you how to use the tool and manage a web design project from A to Z:

  • Learn to use the Figma features
  • Create a graphic charter
  • Knowledge of UI, UX and web accessibility design concepts
  • Create a UX wireframe
  • Learn how to make a UI model
  • Develop an animated web prototype
  • Collaborate on Figma
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