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Why use Figma for web design?

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Figma is a collaborative UI design tool that creates interactive mockups and prototypes for websites and applications, offering many benefits for companies looking to design custom and elegant designs.

Figma, a web design tool designed for all types of needs

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Interface design

Figma is ideal for creating mock-ups of websites, mobile applications, software and other digital interfaces. Figma's advanced design features allow you to create precise, customized designs.


Marketing Teams

Figma is perfectly suited for marketing teams looking to create content for social networks, prepare communication campaigns, brainstorm and collaborate effectively.


Project management

Figma offers project management features such as the ability to create tasks, mind maps, to-do lists, dashboards, etc. This facilitates collaboration and monitoring of project progress.


Product teams

The tool allows you to create product designs (UX/UI) that are user-centered and take into account user needs and behaviors.


Development teams

Figma facilitates collaboration between designers and developers with features such as code export, design inspection and the ability to work on the same files in real time.

A perfect design

Figma offers great flexibility to customize layouts and create precise, distinctive designs. A very intuitive interface allows designers to save time and focus on creating original web designs. Figma is a flexible tool with advanced features for custom design and reproduction.

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One of the most important advantages of Webflow is its intuitive drag and drop system. It allows you to create designs in a simple and efficient way, giving you full control over all the elements of your website, from fonts to colors to animations.

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Designed for pixel perfect

Webflow gives you the ability to customize every element of your website, from fonts to colors to animations, to create a design that perfectly reflects your brand. This design flexibility allows you to create a website that stands out from the competition and grabs the attention of visitors.

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All-in-one web design

Figma is an all-in-one web design tool that allows designers to create website mockups while respecting all the design steps. The tool's features allow designers to create wireframes, UI mockups and web prototypes.

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Wireframe UX

Creation of UX wireframes in a quick and easy way, to define all the user path and the internal mesh of the future site.

capture of a wireframe (UX) on Figma
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UI mockup

Figma's design functionalities allow you to create web mock-ups that respect the project's graphic charter. 

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Creation of animations, interactions and transitions, between pages, to allow customers to project themselves before going online.

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Collaboration between teams

Figma is not only a quality design tool for designers, but it is also a powerful collaboration tool for creative teams. The tool provides a collaborative work experience for teams to exchange seamlessly, in real time or asynchronously.

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Collaborate live

Figma is a powerful live collaboration tool that allows teams to work together seamlessly and efficiently. Designers, marketers, product managers and developers can collaborate in real time on the same project, using features such as screen sharing, live chat and real-time change viewing.

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Collaborate asynchronously

Figma also offers great flexibility for asynchronous collaboration. Commenting features, widgets such as to-do lists, backward schedules or progress reports, as well as the integration of video or audio messages allow teams to work together efficiently even from a distance. These functionalities also allow to leave comments and precise annotations on the models, to have a follow-up of the modifications and to facilitate the decision making in group. Asynchronous collaboration on Figma is an excellent option for teams that are geographically dispersed or have different work schedules. Collaboration becomes more productive, more fluid and more interactive for all team members.

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Every project we design on Figma and develop on Webflow is a challenge for us. We do not only want to deliver an optimized website, but also a positive and rewarding experience for all our clients.

list of web project captures from digidop on Figma and Webflow in different responsive formats
list of web project captures from digidop on Figma and Webflow in different responsive formats
list of web project captures from digidop on Figma and Webflow in different responsive formats
list of web project captures from digidop on Figma and Webflow in different responsive formats

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The Design phase on Figma allows us to create a model that meets the expectations of the client by offering an optimal user experience.



We develop the Figma model identically on Webflow while respecting the best practices of the web.



We train you and your teams to be autonomous in the creation of content on your website.

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Digidop does not only offer you a simple website, but a know-how approved by the market players and our satisfied customers. A guarantee of our professionalism and the quality of our services.

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Questions about the Design in Figma?

If you have any questions about our Webflow integration services, check out our FAQ or contact us directly. We are here to help you.

The cost of Figma depends on the plan you choose. Figma offers both free and paid plans. The Professional plan costs $12 per user per month when billed annually, or $15 per user per month for monthly billings. You also have an Organization plan at $45 per user per month. Figma finally offers a more advanced plan for large companies and a free plan for students and teachers.

Paid plans offer additional features such as team collaboration with file sharing, the ability to do audio chats or create design libraries.

You can compare Figma with another tool to learn more about pricing.

Figma offers a multitude of resources to help users learn the tool, including detailed documentation, tutorials andtemplates on the Figma Community.

Our agency also offers on the Digidop Academy a free training on Figma and Webdesign which covers all the functionalities and methodologies to use on the tool. You will also find here many free resources on Figma.

Of course, the best way to learn Figma is to dive into the tool and use it on real projects.

The tool offers many advanced features to facilitate collaboration between team members, such as adding comments, discussions, vocals, the ability to design instantly on the same file, screen sharing, etc.

Team members can work together on live mockups, comment on designs and share resources easily. The platform is also easy to use for beginners, making it easy to integrate new team members.

Best practices for successful collaboration on Figma

Figma is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Figma's professional plans offer additional features for large teams such as unlimited team collaboration, design library management, and advanced security options for company data.

Figma differs from Adobe XD or Sketch by offering an online design platform that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Figma is also more flexible for collaboration and customization, and allows users to design pixel perfect designs. Figma is also more affordable than Sketch and offers more features than Adobe XD.

For more information, see our resources:

Project sharing on Figma is simple and easy. You can share a link to your project or invite your team members to collaborate. Your team members can then access the project, view mockups, comment, and collaborate in real time or asynchronously. Figma also offers advanced options to control access to the project and to manage versions of the mock-ups.