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Our history

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Our journey is written day by day with you, thanks to you. Since we must never forget where we come from, and all those who have allowed us to tell you about it...


Fresh out of business school, we decided to replace our internship with a business start-up!

And it's when we started looking for our first clients, that... we discovered a new world: no-code tools!
Well advised by Guillaume, from Merci Jack, we decided to specialize on Webflow.

Florian and Thomas sitting on armchairs
Thomas, Thibaud and Florian standing in a café

One client, then two, then three, then .... enough money to hire Thibaut! First Digidopeur.

With his experience in SEO, Thibaut arrived with one goal in mind: to make Digidop the SEO reference on Webflow.
Then, he developed new skills; training on Webflow, webflow development, project management.
Thibaut is now a pillar of our growth.

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First Client-First Certified
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Webflow Expert
Thomas, Florian, Thibaud and Mérieux smiling
Mérieux, first UX & UI Designer
2022 with images of the team Digidop integrated

2022 is a historic year for Digidop.

The team has grown from 3 to 7. We have developed more than 60 Webflow sites for clients. Created more than 400 free contents for the French community, translated the Client-First documentation into French, released the Digidop Academy...
And lived unforgettable moments.

Florian showing an advertising poster of Digidop on a wall in New-York

It was therefore time, in 2023, to highlight the transformation of Digidop. Because since 2021, "our baby" has grown up.

New positioning, new branding, new website, new objectives, new recruitments, new ways to spread and share our knowledge.
These are the challenges with which we have attacked 2023.

And after a few months of work behind the scenes...

Our values


Exceeding our customers' expectations to ensure their online success is important to us.


Working with Digidop is a unique experience that we want to make unforgettable.


Sharing our know-how and best practices is in Digidop's DNA.