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Webflow website creation to reach your fundraising goals

Our Webflow agency specializes in creating Webflow websites for fundraising, participatory financing and online donation collection. We are committed to helping your organization achieve its fundraising goals by creating professional, effective and customized websites.

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Customized Webflow sites to meet your fundraising needs

We understand that every business has unique fundraising needs. That's why we offer customized webflow sites to meet them. Whether you're looking to raise money for your strat-up, a project, launch a crowdfunding campaign or collect donations for a cause, we can help.


A Webflow site adapted to your project

  • We create customized webflow sites for each fundraising project.
  • We work with you to create a custom design that matches your corporate identity and fundraising project.
  • The look and feel of your site is crucial to influencing the decision of your investors or donors.

Successful fundraising with a professional Webflow site

  • Creation of a professional and well-designed webflow site to present your project in a convincing way.
  • Maximize your chances of success for your online fundraising with our expertise in webflow design.


Maximize the impact of your fundraising

  • Use your Webflow site to communicate effectively about your project or your company.
  • Professional presentation of your project to arouse the interest of your potential investors.
  • Maximize the impact of your online fundraising by reaching your fundraising goals.

"Super pro team.."

"100% delighted with our collaboration with Digidop ! The team supported us in structuring the project, they were responsive, knew how to frame us and get the site out in a short deadline."

Pascal Asselin

Pascal Asselin

Co-founder @Morfo

Our services for Fundraising

The sites we develop are unique, adapted to your activity and manageable by your teams.

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Study and business issues

We analyze your fundraising needs in depth to understand your goals, target market, competitors and strategy. We then design a customized Webflow site to maximize your impact and achieve your fundraising goals.

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Conception and design

We create custom designs for your fundraising site, focusing on aesthetics, user experience and project credibility. We will work with you to create a unique webflow site that reflects your business and attracts investors.

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Development and integration

We can develop and integrate custom features for your fundraising site, such as donation forms, online payment systems, donation tracking dashboards, investor profile pages, etc.

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Follow-up and maintenance

We provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance for your online fundraising website. We ensure that your site is functioning properly, that payments are processed securely, and that all features are up to date and functional.

Collaborate with our design teams.

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Share your design and content inspirations on a custom dashboard

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Communicate in real time with our teams on a dedicated channel

A 360° agency
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The Design phase on Figma allows us to create a model that meets the expectations of the client by offering an optimal user experience.



We develop the Figma model identically on Webflow while respecting the best practices of the web.



We train you and your teams to be autonomous in the creation of content on your website.

We have been asked these questions by companies raising funds...

If you have any questions about our Webflow integration services, check out our FAQ or contact us directly. We are here to help you.

At Digidop, we believe that the key to a successful fundraising website design project is a close collaboration with our clients. To do so, we establish a precise retroplanning, including design sprint workshops to understand the needs and issues, define the action levers and the technical solutions best suited to each company and project.

We go step by step with our clients, working closely with their teams, with many calls to ensure the project is moving in the right direction. We also conduct an in-depth analysis to understand our clients' fundraising needs and design a website that meets those needs while reflecting the company's brand.

Learn more about our processes.

Our agency Digidop offers custom webflow website design solutions to meet your specific fundraising needs. We have a team of experts who combine a global vision of your business and its stakes with a sharp expertise of the web to create a credible, professional and optimized website for conversions. We commit to accompany you throughout the development process by establishing a precise retroplanning and by organizing design sprint workshops to understand your needs and define the action levers. We work closely with your team, taking it one step at a time, with frequent calls to ensure the project is moving in the right direction.

The time to design and develop a fundraising website varies depending on the needs and complexity of each project. We work closely with our clients to establish a realistic timeline and meet the agreed upon deadlines. On average, a project takes about 1.5 months, but we also offer a "Fast-track" package that can reduce delivery times by 50%.