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Digidop is the first and only French webflow agency to be triple accredited: Webflow Professional Partner of the Year, Webflow Expert and Webflow Global Leader.

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Enterprise Partner
Profesionnal Partner of the Year - 2023 - Awards
Client-First certified
Professional agency

Our digital agency specializes in tailor-made weblow sites, using all the best webmarketing practices.

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Why call on Webflow Digidop ?

Our web development method
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100% Custom Site

Our Webflow development agency's websites are unique, adapted to your business. Our UX/UI (user experience, user interface) expertise ensures you get the best design for your business.

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100% optimized site

We offer websites that respect web best practices for good SEO and performance, but that's not all. We guide and advise you on your digital strategy to convert your users.

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100% Scalable site

Webflow offers dynamic website design via its CMS and components. We work closely with you to ensure that your teams have total control over the
website, which will help your business grow.

Webflow Client-First Certification
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The best methodology to design a scalable site on Webflow.

Webflow Expert Certification
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Our agency is officially an expert in the creation tool since 2021.

Our methodology for developing optimized Webflow sites

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100% customisable design

Each company is unique. So is its website. We design your website project with quality and customization. The design of your website is your image.


Easily manageable CMS

We build your CMS to allow you to edit and add content autonomously on your website.


Adding custom animations

We add animations to your site, (on hover effects, scroll effects, etc.) to bring the design to life. We use CSS, Javascript or GSAP for this.


Adaptive site (Responsive mobile)

Nearly 50% of the world's web traffic is now done via a smartphone. All our websites are therefore developed in "responsive design" to have an adaptive display on tablets and mobile.


Structure in development

All your pages are built in a structured way to have an optimized project (whether for a landing page, a showcase site, an online store, etc.)


Optimization of CSS classes

We reuse utility classes to optimize the performance of your site.


Understandable development

The structure of the HTML code of your website and the naming of the classes is explicit for everyone.


Turnkey website

To make a site understandable by all Webflow developers, this is the result of a universal development method delivered as a turnkey solution.


Page structure

We make sure that your pages keep a coherent structure (headings) and have an SEO-friendly markup (Title, Meta-description, Open-graph, etc.).


Web Performance Optimization (Core Web Vitals)

We develop our sites in such a way as to favor a fast loading time for your pages (image optimization, reduction of unused CSS classes, font optimization, etc.).


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In addition to the optimizations on the pages, we take care to optimize the other aspects of your site (Sitemap, Global Canonical, Structured Data, Robots.txt, etc.).


Web accessibility optimizations

We ensure that your site is inclusive by making it accessible for the web (W3C, contrasts, aria, alt text, etc.).


Adding custom code

We can add custom code to your pages to create a site with even more functionality.


Integration of third-party tools

We integrate different types of tools to your website according to your needs. But especially the essential tools: Weglot, Axeptio, Calendly, Crisp Chat, etc...


Process automation

We can use tools like Make or Zapier to automatically transfer contact information into your database.


Integration of tracking tags

We integrate tracking codes (Google Analytics GA4, Googe Tag Manager GTM, Google Search Console, Hotjar, etc.) to enable you to collect interesting data.


Migration of your content

We can transfer and integrate the content of your old website (Drupal, Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, etc...) to the new one.


DNS settings

If you wish, we will take care of setting up the new DNS entries (domain name) to put your site online.


Platform migration to Webflow

We can help you migrate your website from an existing hosting or content management platform to Webflow.


Secure website (SSL certificate)

All Webflow projects have an SSL certificate implemented to guarantee the security of the website.


Webflow Editor

Although the interface is very intuitive, we prefer to train you to edit content from the "Site Editor" mode, so that you and your teams can update your site independently.


Webflow Designer (developer mode)

It is almost impossible to use Webflow well without any knowledge. If you wish, we can train you on how to use the Designer mode to have more freedom.


Web best practices

We also offer tips on how to respect the best practices to have a well-referenced shop window on the web.


Writing optimized web articles

We train you on how to write SEO-optimized content and introduce tools that can help you with keyword research (Dokey,, etc.).

Our web agency's 360° process

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The Design phase on Figma allows us to create a model that meets the expectations of the client by offering an optimal user experience.



We develop the Figma model identically on Webflow while respecting the best practices of the web.



We train you and your teams to be autonomous in the creation of content on your website.

Our sites are developed with the best web practices

Digidop does not only offer you a simple website, but a know-how approved by the market players and our satisfied customers. A guarantee of our professionalism and the quality of our services.

Offers adapted to your needs of creation of Web sites

Digidop is a webflow agency specializing in website creation and search engine optimization (SEO). With a range of web solutions, from webflow development to full support.

Development of the Webflow site

You already have a model and want to transform it into a professional website to be visible on search engines?

Development of your website
Connection to your web hosting
Integration of analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics)
Showcase, landing page or e-commerce sites
SEO optimization of the site
Figma to Webflow
360° Webflow agency offer

No model yet? Don't panic. Take advantage of our web agency's expertise to accompany you. All the development offers

Showcase, landing page or e-commerce sites
Creation or optimization of your visual identity (logo, graphic charter, art direction)
UX and UI design of your website
Project manager dedicated to your new website project
Let's create my future website together

Collaborate with our web developers.

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Give feedback on the website on a dedicated tool

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Share your design and content inspirations on a custom dashboard

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Communicate in real time with our teams on a dedicated channel

"A top-notch team, from Thomas for the project structuring, to Pierre & Mérieux in the project deployment, to Florian for the Webflow development."
Pascal Asselin

Pascal Asselin

Co-founder @Morfo

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list of web project captures from digidop on Figma and Webflow in different responsive formats
list of web project captures from digidop on Figma and Webflow in different responsive formats
list of web project captures from digidop on Figma and Webflow in different responsive formats
list of web project captures from digidop on Figma and Webflow in different responsive formats

Digidopa webflow agency on a human scale.

Recognized by our peers as the French benchmark for Webflow website development - Client-First Ambassador, Webflow Expert, Global Webflow Community leader.

Discover our history
Digidop is...
A team composed of UX/UI designer, product designer and webflow developer 100% internalized
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The guarantee that your project will not be entrusted to freelancers
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A remote team with the HQ of the webflow agency in Paris
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An internationally recognized French webflow agency
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An expertise recognized by our customers

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5/5 (57 reviews)

"Excellent work, top notch art direction, responsive team and most importantly, responsive!"

"The agency had been recommended to me and they really came through! From the graphic design, to the development on Webflow to the back and forth before going live, everything went very well."

"The process is very square and they are super nice - if you want to develop a no-code site quickly and with a great design, don't hesitate!"

"The team at Digidop is a great value. They are punctual, professional, communicative, positive and incredibly enthusiastic.

"From RFP inception to completion (and now continuation), Digidop was so quick to listen to our needs, propose ideas and take the project to much more. An amazing collaboration, always responsive."

"Digidop helped us successfully launch an MVP for a 100% automated audit system with Webflow and (Make) Integromat. The team is knowledgeable and responsive. Thank you Digidop !"

"Great collab for the redesign of the website. A serious and fast team!"

"Digidop offers real Webflow expertise and everything needed to build a modern website (design system, best development practices, responsiveness, performance, SEO)."

Questions about creating Webflow sites?

If you have any questions about our Webflow integration services, please consult our FAQ or contact us directly. Our web development experts are here to help you.

Webflow is a drag-and-drop website creation tool. With this web development platform (software as a service, SaaS), it's possible to design a website without directly writing code: it's a no-code editor. However, to create customized websites optimized for a company's needs, it is often necessary to implement custom code. Webflow offers a low-code interface.

Webflow has two main modes:

  1. Webflow's editor mode enables content to be created, modified or deleted in just a few clicks, thanks to its CMS. As a result, marketing teams have almost total control over the website, without the possibility of modifying the design.
  2. Webflow's designer mode has no limits. With the Designer, the developer can modulate every element of a web page, creating a personalized experience for website visitors.

Here are a few advantages of choosing Webflow to create a site (especially for creating a showcase site) over other competing software such as Shopify, Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop and Wix :

  • Design freedom : Webflow, with its WYSIWYG interface, allows you to create unique, completely customizable sites, without any template restrictions, unlike other platforms.
  • Content Management System (CMS ): Webflow's CMS is powerful, flexible and easily adapts to your evolving needs.
  • Performance and speed: Webflow is known for providing a better user experience through fast loading times.
  • Advanced SEO settings: Webflow integrates natural referencing features to optimize your online visibility on search engines.

To learn more about the differences between Webflow and other platforms to create your website, please visit our comparison page.

There's no fixed price in our website design offer, because each website design project has specific needs and a specific number of web pages to optimize your digital strategy. At Digidop , creating a website isn't just about development.

This is achieved through :

  • An audit of your current site,
  • Market analysis (Design Sprint & Ideation Phase),
  • Thinking about the user experience (UX)
  • Web design,
  • Development of the model,
  • CMS creation,
  • SEO compliance,
  • Web accessibility compliance,
  • Domain name migration,
  • Annual management and monitoring,
  • Customized requirements (e.g. connecting your Google AdWords account to track your Adwords campaigns, etc.).

This depends on many factors, such as the size of your site, your graphic design needs, the complexity of your animations, your additional requirements (filtering, blogging, automation, advanced features, custom code, etc.).

Our reactive team ensures that your Webflow website will be online within about 1.5 months, on average, after signing the contract.

Yes, Webflow guarantees website security. Webflow holds a SOC 2 Type II certificate of compliance. All our webflow agency sites are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and therefore benefit from all the security services they offer, such as: physical security, redundancy, scalability and key management.

In addition, there are additional security features directly integrated into Webflow:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on with G Suite
  • Single sign-on (capabilities vary depending on subscription level)
  • Role-based authorizations
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automatic backups and versioning
  • Webflow uses SSL encryption to protect personal information and non-public data from unauthorized access.
  • All communications between Webflow users and the Web application provided by Webflow are encrypted in transit when using the application.
  • All databases and database backups are encrypted.

You have two options:

  • You wish to be accompanied: we keep the hands on the administrator account but provide you with one or more editor accounts. This includes the modification of texts, images, links on your site. You can also easily manage the CMS by adding new dynamic pages, new blog posts, new products, new grid sections, etc.
  • You decide to be totally independent : we let you take over the administrator account and you can manage your site independently (or with a freelancer). We are no longer part of the team, it's up to you to continue developing your site from now on (the editor mode is intuitive for that!)

Yes, depending on your needs:

  • For your recurring needs, you can opt for a monthly support to make your site evolve.
  • For occasional needs, we also have an offer to intervene on your website and update it according to your new needs (minimum 2 hours of intervention).

1 - Webflow Digidop: Why choose Digidop ?

At Digidop we're renowned for our mastery of Webflow and our transparent support throughout the project. We specialize in website design from A to Z: Design Sprint, Sitemap, Branding, Graphic Charter, UX (optimizing the site for conversion), UI (optimizing the site to reflect your identity), Development, nocode integrations, SEO, and more.

We create tailor-made solutions for our customers thanks to our Webflow-certified expert developers. We offer a quality service, which is why we have been elected by Webflow, Professional Partner of the Year.‍

2 - The Flowtribe agency: What sets Flowtribe apart?
Flowtribe specializes in Webflow migration and ensures efficient site management and maintenance. Their designs are varied and elegant, and they are certified by Webflow for their skills.

3 - Ouiflow agency: Why choose Ouiflow?
Ouiflow excels in task automation with no-code tools, offering advanced functionality for Webflow sites. Their expertise in automation makes them an ideal option for projects requiring a high level of automated functionality.

4 - The Gemeos agency: What does Gemeos offer?
Gemeos stands out for its diverse Webflow services. Their young but qualified team guarantees a customized site that meets customers' expectations, with extensive development expertise.

5 - Octolio agency: Why consider Octolio?
Octolio focuses on Webflow development and is efficient at creating and integrating web mock-ups. Their no-code approach enables them to work with pre-developed designs, offering a fast and efficient solution for website production.

These agencies are selected on the basis of their specific expertise and their ability to meet the varied needs of customers in terms of website creation and development on Webflow in 2024.