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Let's dive into the construction of a huge webflow site!

+ 30 pages and static, and dozens of CMS collections!

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"Digidop offers real Webflow expertise and everything needed to build a modern website (design system, best development practices, responsiveness, performance, SEO)."

Gilles Barbier

Director EMEA @Streamnative

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Key points of the Streamnative project

400 pages ? Let's go !

Technical Stack

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Icon layout


  • UX and UI design
  • Illustrations
  • Webflow engineering process
  • Webflow development
  • Training of a marketing team on the use of Webflow and SEO best practices

The project in pictures

The sites evolve. So we capture these photos so that you can have an eye on the real rendering at the time of the setting on line.

Site navigation bar
Comparison Tabs of two SaaS tools
Header of the Streamnative Academy page
Header of a blog on webflow
ebook landing page with integrated hubspot form
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StreamNative (a company in the field of data streaming technology), has trusted Digidop for the complete redesign of its website, as well as for the migration of its content from its former CMS, Jumstack, to Webflow. With over 400 pages published, this was a complex project that required technical expertise and attention to detail.

In this case study, we will show you how Digidop met the challenges of this project and how we helped StreamNative to improve its visibility on the web.

The 3 challenges of the web project

Founded in 2019, Streamnative is a tech startup that has grown quickly and strongly after its last round of funding. It was now necessary, for it :

  1. Align a coherent branding between its SaaS and its website
  2. To give access to a manageable and scalable web platform to its marketing teams
  3. Improve SEO performance (inbound marketing)

To achieve these different objectives, the project was divided into three parts:

1. Design (Figma)

  • The importance of setting up a design system and components to standardize the branding of the brand and its Saas
  • Challenge the UI: a simplified interface design, in a more corporate style (UX is the new UI)
  • Redesigned the web structure of the site: create a business-oriented and scalable site
  • Strong collaboration and processes between marketing and design teams

(100% on Figma)

2. Development (scalable webflow)

  • Development of a CMS platform fully manageable from the editor mode (+15 CMS collections)
  • 100% Client-First Development
  • Performance Google Lighthouse <90
  • Best practices in terms of web accessibility, integration, RGPD compliance
  • Complex integration of Finsweet attributes (+10 collections combined with advanced filtering system)

3. Marketing (use Webflow)

  • + 6 hours of training in the use of Webflow "the way".
  • Re-usable Loom recordings on their new website's own editing specifications
  • Annual support (creation of components, landing page, training, ...)

Figma webdesign file in images

Realization of an adapted design system for website and Saas tool

  • Text styles
  • Color styles
  • Grid styles
  • Rules for using the elements
  • Icon bank
  • Creation of components
  • etc.

Creation of a Figma model and collaboration between the marketing / product / design teams

  • UX & UI model
  • integration of copyrighting
  • integration of graphic elements
  • etc.

More images of the new Webflow site

Performing to the greens on the Google Light House 🚥

Résultat d'analyse <90 à la Google Lighthouse pour le site de Streamnative
Zoom Zoom 🏎

A dynamically editable site from multiple collections ✍️

+ 10 CMS collections on a webflow site

What's next? Annual maintenance/accompaniment

Digidop continues to work with Streamnative to help them take full advantage of Webflow this year, with our Webflow coaching offer. Result in 1 year!

Our sites are developed with the best web practices

Digidop does not only offer you a simple website, but a know-how approved by the market players and our satisfied customers. A guarantee of our professionalism and the quality of our services.

And validated by our customers

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5/5 (57 reviews)

"Excellent work, top notch art direction, responsive team and most importantly, responsive!"

"The agency had been recommended to me and they really came through! From the graphic design, to the development on Webflow to the back and forth before going live, everything went very well."

"The process is very square and they are super nice - if you want to develop a no-code site quickly and with a great design, don't hesitate!"

"The team at Digidop is a great value. They are punctual, professional, communicative, positive and incredibly enthusiastic.

"From RFP inception to completion (and now continuation), Digidop was so quick to listen to our needs, propose ideas and take the project to much more. An amazing collaboration, always responsive."

"Digidop helped us successfully launch an MVP for a 100% automated audit system with Webflow and (Make) Integromat. The team is knowledgeable and responsive. Thank you Digidop !"

"Great collab for the redesign of the website. A serious and fast team!"

"Digidop offers real Webflow expertise and everything needed to build a modern website (design system, best development practices, responsiveness, performance, SEO)."

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