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Integrate new functionalities on your Webflow sites in "no-code" thanks to the attributes of Finsweet. The "first plug-in" for Webflow!

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4.9 (238)

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Free of charge

Use cases

  • CMS filtering

  • CMS Slider

  • Social Share Links

Integrate new features on your Webflow sites in "no-code" thanks to Finsweet Attributes. The "first plug-in" for Webflow, easy to use and secure. (Without negatively impacting the performance of your site)

Why use Finsweet Attributes?

  • Filter your collections (blog, case studies, toolbox... etc)
  • Combine several collections on the same Webflow page
  • Give different CSS styles in your Rich Text
  • Feeding a slider from your collections
  • Add chargments options for your collections
  • Add many other features to your webflow site (copy to clipboard, automated table of contents, automated reading time, etc.)

How do Attributes work?

Watch this video to see how we have integrated the CMS filter function by attribute in Finsweet. The logic is then the same for all other products.

Are the Attributes easy to use?

Yes, there are no lines of code to write. Just copy and paste the elements from the guided tutorials on the Finsweet Attributes website.

Benefits of Finsweet Attributes

  • Easy to use
  • Great features
  • Free of charge

Disadvantages of the extension

  • The tutorials on the official website are in English
  • Requires adding some code to your site
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