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Discover Wappalyzer, the tool to identify the technologies used by a website!

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Use cases

  • Web technology profiler

  • Prospecting tool

  • Competitive intelligence

Why use Wappalyzer?

  • Know the technologies (CMS, database, etc.) used by a particular site
  • Keeping an eye on technology
  • Find prospects based on the technologies that companies use

How does Wappalyzer work?

No-code technology identification tool

Wappalyzer is a very useful tool for finding out what tools sites are using. The tool gives you the different technologies classified in categories (Development, Database, etc.) that your competitors or others exploit. Wappalyzer works on a freemium model with access to more advanced data if you take a paid plan.

Is Wappalyzer easy to use?

Could it be any simpler? We don't think so. There are two ways to find out what technologies and tools a website uses:

  1. Entering the URL of a site on Wappalyzer
  2. Download the extension and click on it on a site

Conclusion on the tool

Benefits of Semrush

  • Allows you to find out about the leading technologies of a site
  • Very easy to use and intuitive
  • Instant results

Disadvantages of Semrush

  • A lot of data is available for a fee
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