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Top 7 chrome extensions to boost productivity

Want to improve your productivity on the web? Check out these 7 Google Chrome extensions that will help you optimize your time!

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How can you improve your productivity? This is the big question most people ask themselves in order to get things done faster and more efficiently. This is especially true for people who work on a computer because of all the distractions on the web. But the great thing is that developers are making plugins freely available to help you optimise your work!

That's why we're going to introduce you to 7 chrome extensions that will allow you to be more productive in your daily tasks.

Extension 1: Wappalyzer

We will start slowly with an extension that allows you to discover in 2 clicks which tools and technologies websites are using.

With Wappalyzer, you can find out the CMS, integrations, code type, CDNs and much more about what is used to run a website. You no longer need to spend hours looking for what tools you are interested in.

Wappalyzer extension chorme

Extension 2: CSS Peepper

Do you want to know the fonts used by a website? Do you want to know the colour references used by a website? More generally, you want to have quick access to the CSS properties of an element on a web page? CSS peeper is the extension you need.

With just a few clicks, you have access to all the CSS information of a block you select in an intuitive and optimised interface. No need to bother inspecting the source code of a page and searching for information through a whole bunch of code.  

CSS peeper extension chorme

Extension 3: Pocket

Tired of losing links to interesting web pages or having a busy bookmarks bar? Pocket is an extension that allows you to save web pages. If you don't have time to read an article or view a web page, you can simply save it in pocket and find it later. You can create folders from the extension's interface to organise your resources. This extension is a bit like Feedly, but allows you to save custom content more easily.

A little bonus: there is also a mobile application for reading web pages offline.

Save to pocket extension chorme

Extension 4: Video speed controller

Do you find that some videos are too long or too monotonous? With the Video speed controller extension, you can control the viewing speed of any online video.

You can slow down or speed up videos via keyboard shortcuts and stop wasting too much time watching videos on the web!

Video speed controller extension chrome productivity

Extension 5: Nimbus Capture

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nimbus Capture allows you to take screenshots or video captures of a customised part of your screen.

However, the extension doesn't stop there as once your capture is made, you can directly add annotations or elements without using another tool. You can also resize your screen to any size you like.

Find out which image formats are suitable for your website and social networks!

Extension 6: Text Blaze

Text blaze is an extension that allows you to save time on sentences that you write regularly, repeatedly.

How does the Text Blaze extension work?

Once you have installed it, you can click on the icon in the extension bar and add a new snippet. You will be able to give your snippet a name, a keyboard shortcut and the text that should be written when you use the shortcut. As soon as you write the keyboard shortcut, it will be replaced immediately by the text you entered beforehand.

This can be very useful when writing emails or transmitting links to your social networks in a few clicks.

Extension 7: Automa

Do you often repeat the same tasks on your web browser? Automa is a chrome extension that allows you to automate tasks directly from chrome. You can open tabs automatically, scrape data from the web, fill out forms automatically, etc.. In short, you can create a multitude of workflows to avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks.

The use of Automa is guided, which allows you to create automations quickly!

Thanks to these extensions, you can optimize your productivity by relieving yourself of tedious and repetitive tasks!

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