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Sell online with Webflow E-Commerce.

Although creating e-commerce sites with Webflow has certain limitations, and we often recommend Shopify for more complex projects, there are situations where Webflow can perfectly meet your needs.

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If you need an e-commerce solution for :

Details of our e-commerce offers
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Create a small code-free online store

Develop new revenues by selling a few products online with a 100% integrated solution.

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Monetize your content

Generate revenue from your content by combining members' area and e-commerce functionalities to reserve part of your site for paying users.

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Develop your brand

Showcase a few products to create a merchandising boutique and use your store as a marketing lever to spread your brand around the world.

Then Webflow may be for you.


Customize every detail of your product sheets

Customize every aspect of your product sheets and launch a fully functional, responsive online store (suitable for tablets, mobiles, etc.) without writing a single line of code.

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Add products and track sales from an intuitive CMS

Rely on Webflow's intuitive back-end to add your products, customize your delivery methods and track your sales from a single interface.

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Benefit from integrated, secure payment solutions

Accept payments from over 200 countries via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Security and fraud protection are provided by Stripe and PayPal, ensuring safe and reliable transactions for your customers.

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By being at the top of the Google Shopping rankings

Thanks to dynamic data, you can easily personalize your product information and optimize the natural referencing of your online store.

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Designer interface for an e-commerce item on WebflowWebflow CMS e-commerce back-endCheckout interface for a Webflow store with Stripe, PayPal and Google Pay logos.Preview of the SERP result for a "Figma Designer" t-shirt, optimized for SEO from Webflow, with a photo of a designer wearing the t-shirt in the background.
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Your products anywhere in the world with Webflow.

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Rely on the expertise of our Webflow agency - a pure player in technology - to help you determine whether Webflow E-commerce is the right solution for your business.

Our services for your online business

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Personalized e-commerce

We create unique and customized e-commerce sites to meet the specific needs of your store. Adding custom features to enhance the user experience and increase conversions.


Client-First Development

We use the Client-First development methodology to ensure the best performance for your website.


Manageable back office

We develop your e-commerce site with a back-office that meets your needs.


A store adapted on mobile

All our websites are responsive and compatible on all types of devices.


Easily manage your e-commerce items

Add products, filter them by categories and access your e-commerce sales in a few clicks thanks to the editor mode.


Secure payments

Customers pay as they prefer with Webflow e-commerce! Secure payments with Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal.


Delivery options

Easily manage your shipping options and simplify purchasing products process that do not require shipping. Expand your e-commerce orders internationally with automatic tax calculation.


Order tracking

Keep track of all your orders with an intuitive ecommerce store dashboard. Manage your customer accounts and order history.


SEO Optimizations

We use SEO best practices to optimize your website for search engines to improve the natural ranking of your site.


Structured data

We add structured data to your product pages to make them stand out on search engines like Google.


Marketing automation

We can integrate tools into your site to create powerful marketing campaigns, personalize your transactional emails and track your e-commerce analytics.


Domain name transfer

We take care of putting your site online for you by setting up the new DNS entries.


Editor's mode

A training for you and your team on how to quickly edit your content in Webflow.


Designer Mode

We present you the designer to allow you to develop your e-commerce.


Good practice

We show you what practices to follow to keep your site optimized.


Optimization of product sheets

We can show you how to optimize your content for better referencing.

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to spread the brand

"We're not an online store. Yet our store is a valuable marketing lever for spreading our brand around the world."

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Questions about Webflow E-commerce?

If you have any questions about our Webflow integration services, check out our FAQ or contact us directly. We are here to help you.

Webflow E-commerce offers several advantages:

  • Customization: With a drag-and-drop editor, you can create unique sites without coding.
  • Native integration of payment tools: Easy to configure, including options such as Stripe and PayPal.
  • Intuitive product management: add and manage products via a simple CMS.
  • SEO capabilities: Optimize your site for search engines.
  • Fast performance: fast, responsive sites, enhancing the user experience.

Although Webflow is powerful, it has certain drawbacks:

  • High transaction costs on basic plans.
  • For very large catalogs or extremely complex e-commerce sites, Shopify or other specialized solutions can offer more advanced functionalities.
  • Steep learning curve for users totally new to web development, even in no-code.

Yes, Webflow is designed with SEO in mind. You can easily optimize every page of your site, including products, with meta tags, descriptions and custom URLs. What's more, Webflow enables the integration of structured product data and the creation of automatic sitemaps, improving your site's visibility on search engines.

Yes, Webflow makes iteasy to add new products via its intuitive CMS. You can add products, define their descriptions, prices, images and much more, directly from the Webflow dashboard. This makes managing your product catalog quick and easy.

Webflow supports several popular payment methods. You can accept payments via credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. These transactions are handled securely thanks to Stripe and PayPal integration, guaranteeing safe transactions for your customers.

Yes, Webflow offers an integrated order management system. You can track order status, manage shipments, and maintain a detailed transaction history, all from the Webflow dashboard. This allows you to manage your online store smoothly and efficiently.

No, Webflow natively integrates all the functionalities required for an e-commerce site. This includes product management, payment processing and order tracking. No additional extensions or plug-ins are required, which simplifies maintenance and improves the security of your site.

The costs of a Webflow e-commerce site vary according to the plan chosen:

  • Standard Plan: $29/month, up to 500 products, $50,000 in annual sales, 2% transaction fee.
  • Plan Plus: $74/month, up to 1,000 products, $200,000 annual sales, 0% transaction fees.
  • Advanced Plan: $212/month, up to 3,000 products, no annual sales limit, 0% transaction fees, including access to the Webflow editor, hosting and site security.

Webflow makes it easy to configure taxes and shipping costs in the dashboard. You can define specific tax rules according to geographical regions, and apply shipping rates based on zones, product weight or delivery options. This ensures accurate invoicing in compliance with local laws.