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Webflow website development for start-ups

Our Webflow expertise adapts to the start-up model with a site designed to be scaled and easily edited by your teams.

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Start-ups contact us mainly for these reasons....

Start-ups often contact us because they need to be more autonomous in the evolution of their site, to be better referenced on search engines and to have an identity site in terms of branding.


Need to be autonomous to make your site evolve

  • Controlling the functionality of your website is essential for businesses, especially start-ups
  • Quickly change to meet customer needs and adapt to the market
  • Personalize content to improve user experience and increase conversion rates

Need a site that matches the brand image

  • Consistency with the brand image is crucial for the success of a start-up in a competitive market
  • Website that does not reflect the brand image can damage credibility and create confusion among customers
  • Consistent branding and identity builds customer trust, improves user experience and builds customer loyalty


Need to be well positioned in SEO

  • Being well positioned in SEO is crucial for start-ups in a competitive market
  • Search engines, like Google, are often the first point of contact between a company and its potential customers
  • Good positioning can increase organic traffic, build credibility, differentiate from the competition, improve user experience and reduce paid advertising costs.

"A brilliantly executed project".

"Contact at the beginning of July, project scoping at the end of July and launch scheduled for the beginning of October.
They were so quick that the site was Go Live by the end of September! In addition to real technical expertise (web / SEO), they also took charge of our graphic redesign with some really good ideas.
Available, responsive and pleasant team... In short, a brilliantly executed project.
Bravo and, above all, THANK YOU
Too bad we've only got 1 to go!"

Jeremy Duplan

Jeremy Duplan


Our services for Start-ups

The sites we develop are unique, adapted to your activity and manageable by your teams.

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Creation of a brand identity

Our teams of designers reflect on your new brand identity through design sprint, benchmark, UI reflection, web projections, etc.

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Conversion optimization

Our UX designers work page by page to optimize the user experience, with reassurance zones, call to actions, relevant internal linking, etc.

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Optimization of the CMS

Our developers design the CMS so that it is easily manageable and flexible for your teams.

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Performance optimization

We integrate all the best web practices to optimize page loading time, tag the site for google and improve your SEO.

Collaborate with our design teams.

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Figma / Figjam

Share your comments directly on the model

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Share your design and content inspirations on a custom dashboard

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Communicate in real time with our teams on a dedicated channel

A 360° agency
for the whole site

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The Design phase on Figma allows us to create a model that meets the expectations of the client by offering an optimal user experience.



We develop the Figma model identically on Webflow while respecting the best practices of the web.



We train you and your teams to be autonomous in the creation of content on your website.

The main questions that start-ups ask us for their Webflow site

If you have any questions about our Webflow integration services, check out our FAQ or contact us directly. We are here to help you.

Webflow offers very advanced collaborative features, which allow your teams to work together in real time on a project. With Webflow, it is possible to share an editor access to your Webflow site with your team members. This way, everyone can make changes live, without risking to compromise the work of the others. In addition, Webflow has a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to create collections of content and easily publish them on your site. You will be able to create blog pages, portfolios, product pages, etc. in a few clicks. With Webflow, you can also create custom forms to collect data from your visitors, and even connect your site to marketing tools such as Hubspot or Mailchimp to automate your communication. Finally, Webflow has a history of modifications, which allows you to follow all the changes made on your site, to go back if necessary and to work in all serenity.

Of course! Webflow is compatible with many popular nocode tools such as Zapier, Integromat, Parabola, Hubspot, Airtable, Google Sheet, Mailchimp and many more. You can connect Webflow to your project management, marketing, payment, customer support and more tools to automate your workflows and improve efficiency. In addition, if you have development skills, you can also use the Webflow API to create custom connections with your existing tools. With the growing ecosystem of nocode tools, you can extend the functionality of Webflow to meet your specific business needs.

With Webflow, you have the possibility to customize your website so that it is optimized for the conversion of visitors into customers. Indeed, thanks to design and development tools, you can create conversion pages tailored to your target. A/B testing is also possible with custom components to test different versions of your site and find the one that converts the best. You can also integrate analytics and tracking tools that allow you to follow your visitors' activity and understand their behavior on your site. Finally, Webflow offers integrations with marketing and emailing tools that can be used to further optimize your conversion rate.