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Impact design and development of a Webflow site for a Green Tech!

Discover the client case of Morfo, a Green Tech start-up, who chose Digidop to create a website with an impactful design and an optimal user experience. Our team designed on Figma and developed the Client-First site on Webflow for quality results.

Header section with impact design of the Morfo site
"A top-notch team, from Thomas for the project structuring, to Pierre & Mérieux in the project deployment, to Florian for the Webflow development."

Pascal Asselin

Co-founder @Morfo

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Key points of the Morfo project

A tech' and impactful site.

Technical Stack

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Blue webflow logo
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  • Branding
  • UX and UI design
  • Webflow development
  • Training of the marketing team

The project in pictures

The sites evolve. So we capture these photos so that you can have an eye on the real rendering at the time of the setting on line.

Header of a website with scrolling images on the left, and a text + cta layout on the right
Section visually presenting Morfo's reforestation solution
Layout with a title, an image and a descriptive text
Scrolling logo strips and cards highlighting press articles
Section presenting the Morfo team in the form of individual cards
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See the website

Discover how the Green Tech start-up Morfo collaborated with Digidop to create an impactful website that highlights its expertise in forest ecosystem replanting. With the help of our multidisciplinary team, Morfo benefited from a complete accompaniment from the conception to the launch of its website.

Here are the different key stages of this project:

  • Step 1: Development of a graphic charter to lay the foundations of the project, defining colors, typography and reinterpreting the Morfo logo.
  • Step 2: Wireframing to set up the skeleton of the site and define the sections and the UI.
  • Step 3: Design of the mock-up to bring the UI to life in line with Morfo's tropical universe.
  • Step 4: Development with Webflow to create a client-first site that delivers optimal user experience and quality results.

Also, we have integrated the Weglot tool to make the site multilingual and reach an international audience. The Morfo website is available in several languages for maximum accessibility.

Our collaboration with Morfo allowed us to highlight our expertise in design, development and web strategy, as well as our ability to support Green Tech start-ups in their ambitious projects. Discover now the result in pictures

A Green Tech that replaces trees acting mainly in tropical areas, that's a change, isn't it? A very different sector of activity for the Digiteam but one that has proven to be exciting.

A project in several stages!

1. Graphic charter to lay the foundations of the project

The design process remains the same: start with a graphic charter, a necessary step to lay the foundations of the project in order to set up a clear identity that will be found throughout the site. This includes the choice of colors, typography, but also a reinterpretation of the Morfo logo.

2. Wireframes: the skeleton of the site

Then, the wireframing step allows to set up the skeleton of the site, a mandatory step to concoct a coherent UI with well defined sections.

3. Design of the model !

The wireframes just have to be designed according to the graphic charter defined beforehand to give a UI model in adequacy with the expectations of a tech start-up. The objective is to highlight this side while remaining in a tropical universe, especially with photos of forests or drones in action. Now it's time for Webflow!

A model designed according to the previous steps!
A model designed according to the previous steps!

4. Webflow to finish the job!

The jewel needs to be polished, it is Webflow who takes care of it! Indeed, the transition between design and development is very important in order to identify the issues around the model. This is a key step because it is at this moment that we will have a clear vision on the site. And this is what it looks like!

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