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Translating your website can be a breeze with Weglot. Discover our full review of this tool that allows you to translate hundreds of pages in 1 click.

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Weglot, the no-code website translation tool: a turnkey solution for a multilingual website

In our ever-changing digital world, the ability to speak to a global audience is more important than ever. Weglot, a code-free website translation tool, allows you to transform your website into a multilingual platform with ease. It gives you the ability to cross language barriers and expand your audience to an international level (with SEO optimized translation). With easy integration with popular CMS and user-friendly features, Weglot is the turnkey solution to transform your website into a multilingual one.

Why use Weglot?

  • Automatic translation: Weglot automatically translates your website content into over 100 languages, allowing you to reach a wider audience worldwide.
  • Easy CMS Integration: Weglot easily integrates with the most popular content management systems, including WordPress, Webflow, Wix and Shopify.
  • Customize translations: While Weglot offers automatic translation, you also have the ability to customize translations to better fit your brand and message.
  • Professional translation review: Weglot offers the option of having your translations reviewed by professional translators to ensure optimal quality.

Is Weglot easy to use?

Ease of use is at the heart of Weglot's philosophy. It is for us a tool that breathes the spirit of "no-code" by its ability to integrate in plug & play. Even without any programming skills, you can translate your website into several languages thanks to its intuitive system.

Integration with your website

Weglot works by integrating with your website through an API system. Simply put, an API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules and protocols that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. In the case of Weglot, its API allows you to extract content from your website, translate it, and then reintegrate it into your website in multiple languages.

Here's how it works:

  1. Installation: Install Weglot on your website. If you use a popular CMS like WordPress, Wix, or Shopify, you can add Weglot as an extension or plugin directly from your CMS platform.
  2. Configuration: Once Weglot is installed, you will need to configure the tool by entering the source and target language(s). Weglot will also provide you with a unique API key that you will need to insert into the plugin (or the JS code to integrate on CMS like Webflow) of your site.
  3. Translation: Once the configuration is complete, Weglot will start translating your website automatically. The tool analyzes all your web content, sends it to its API for translation, and then displays the translated version on your website.

Discover how Weglot works in practice with our video series to learn how to translate your website with Weglot

Benefits of Weglot

  • Optimized SEO: Weglot's translations are indexable by search engines, which means your site can be found in searches in different languages.
  • No-code features: No coding skills are required to use Weglot. You can translate your site with just a few clicks with PLug & Play API integration.
  • Bulk translation management: Weglot allows for bulk management and modification of translations, which greatly facilitates the translation process on a "big" website.
  • Excellent customer support: If you have any problems or questions, Weglot's customer support team is always available to help you.

Disadvantages of Weglot

  • Cost: Weglot is a paid tool and can be considered expensive compared to other options available on the market.
  • Machine translation: Although machine translation is a major feature of Weglot, it can sometimes lack accuracy, especially for languages with complex nuances.
  • Integration with specific CMS: Weglot works with the most popular CMS, but it may not integrate as easily with other less common content management systems.
  • Dependency on Weglot: Once you have used Weglot to translate your site, it can be difficult to migrate to another translation tool without losing your translation work.
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