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Frequently asked questions

You have questions about our agency, about Webflow or Figma tools, about SEO and much more? Find your answer on this page!


Our process of migration process from Wordpress to Webflow is very rigorous to ensure a successful and trouble-free migration. We start by analyzing the Wordpress site to understand the client's specific functionality and needs. Then, we replicate the site on a graphic design tool such as Figma to ensure a pixel perfect migration.

We also take into account all elements of the CMS, such as pages, template pages, images, meta tags and custom features, to ensure an optimal transition.

We use 301 redirects to preserve the SEO performance of each page and avoid 404 errors that could have a negative impact on the site's SEO.

For more information on the migration process from Wordpress to Webflow, contact our team.

As aWebflow agency specialized in SEO, we offer natural referencing services for Webflow websites. We have set up a multi-phase process to optimize your website's SEO.

  1. First of all, we optimize the structure of the site, the internal linking and the web accessibility during the design phase.
  2. Then, we take care of all the technical optimizations and markup of the site during the Webflow development phase.
  3. Finally, during the training phase, we present the best practices in SEO and the rules to follow to maintain the performance of your site.

However, it is important to note that we do not handle copywriting and keyword optimization. If you need help with these aspects, we can recommend partners who specialize in this area.

Of course, we have adedicated offering for advanced Webflow CMS needs called "Webflow Enterprise". This offering is designed for organizations with significant needs in terms of content management, advanced customization and third party integrations. The Webflow Enterprise offering provides a complete solution for organizations with advanced CMS needs who are looking for a secure, scalable and customizable solution. We can also provide in-depth training and dedicated support to ensure effective management of your Webflow CMS.

‍Contactour team to learn more.

We offer a Webflow support service support service to accompany our customers after the launch of their website. This service includes a dedicated Slack channel for a smooth communication with our teams, as well as the availability of our experts in design, Webflow development and training to answer all the possible needs in terms of maintenance and evolution of the site.

Contact our teams to learn more.

We use Webflow's cascading responsive to ensure a similar experience on desktop and mobile. This allows us to adapt the templates in a consistent way on the different supports. This method works very well for 95% of our clients.

However, if you need specific functionality across media (for example, a slider on mobile with no equivalent on desktop), we will need to :

  • Design the relevant responsive part on Figma.
  • Develop this part differently for each medium.

In the event that custom adaptations are required, please note that this may have an impact on the cost and timeframe of the project.

project management

The time required to complete a Webflow project will depend on the specifics of the project. The time required can vary depending on the size of the site, the level of customization and the features to be integrated. On average, for a 10-page site that does not include any special features, the completion time is about 1.5 months, including design, development and training. However, since each project is unique, we evaluate the time frame individually and work with our clients to establish a schedule that meets their needs.

We have a very precise process of accompaniment to guarantee an effective collaboration with our customers during the realization of their project. Each client is supported by at least 3 people : a designer, a developer and a project manager. We regularly exchange with our clients via weekly video meetings via Google Meet, where we discuss the progress of the project, their feedback and their future needs. We also have a dedicated Slack channel for each project, which allows us to work directly with our clients and stay in constant contact with them.

We have a very precise process for managing changes and adjustments during the project. We go step-by-step to ensure that we meet our clients' expectations. Throughout the project, we encourage our clients to give us their comments and ideas so that we can make the necessary changes in a timely manner.

For example, during the UX and UI phase, we share with our clients Figma mockups with our clients, which allows them to put comments directly on the mockups. We incorporate their feedback into the design and continue to work on the mockups until they are satisfied with the design.

Then, during the development phase, we share with our customers a link to preview the site Webflow which allows them to visit it before it goes live. If adjustments are needed, we give them access to a MarkUp link, which allows them to put comments directly on the site. We then make the necessary changes and continue until the client is satisfied with the final result.

We invoice our services in two instalments: a first instalment at the beginning of the project, and a second instalment at the handover of the site, corresponding to the balance due.

For maintenance and training services, invoicing can be on a per-service or quarterly basis depending on the contract.

We provide our clients with detailed and transparent invoices, in accordance with the regulations in force, to allow them to follow the progress of their project and to manage their budget with complete peace of mind.


Yes, Digidop is certified by Webflow and we have obtained all the Webflow expert certifications, as well as the Enterprise Partner recognition. Being certified by Webflow means that we are fully proficient with the tool and can guarantee our customers high quality sites. In addition to our expertise in Webflow, we are also recognized as a Client-First Expert and ambassador of this development method in France. We work in direct partnership with the Finsweet agency to propose customized solutions to our customers.

We are always looking for new talents to join the #Digiteam in webdesign or webflow development! To apply, we invite you to regularly consult our"Jobs" page, where you will find all our updated job offers. If you don't find the offer that matches your profile, don't hesitate to send us a spontaneous application. We are always interested in passionate and talented candidates who share our values and vision.

At Digidop, we have adopted a 100% telecommuting work model, which allows us to have a team spread all over France. Although our headquarters are located in Paris, at 40 rue Saint-Placide, 75006, our teams can work from any location that suits them best. This freedom of work allows each of our collaborators to work in optimal conditions, without the constraints of geographical location.

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