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Squoosh, the ultimate online image optimization tool

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4,5 (13)

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Free of charge

Use cases

  • Compressing images

  • Converting images

  • Resize images

What is Squoosh?

Squoosh is an online tool that combines the best image optimization features. This free tool allows you to compress and process your images online. You can preview the changes made to your images in real time.

Squoosh features

Squoosh is particularly useful for :

  • Convert media files (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.) into optimised files (OptiPNG, MozJPEG, WEBP)
  • Playing with the colour palette of the image
  • Resize your images in a few clicks
  • Compress while keeping the quality of your images (the comparison tool allows you to see the difference in quality between the base image and the new one).
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