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Optimize your Webflow development workflow with Text Blaze. Quickly insert tags, custom code or other recurring elements to speed up your Webflow productivity.

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  • Create keyboard shortcuts to integrate custom snippets

  • Quick insertion of custom snippets


In Webflow development, speed and efficiency are essential to creating quality websites while remaining effective (we've already talked about extensions that can help you do this on the blog). Well, with Text Blaze, you can save precious writing time, especially when it comes to custom code, by using simple shortcuts . Find out how Text Blaze can help you speed up your productivity and optimize your workflow as a Webflow developer.

Why use Text Blaze

Text Blaze offers a very simple but useful feature: the creation of custom text shortcuts, called "blazes". These blazes let you quickly insert pieces of text, such as tags for your custom code, with just a few keystrokes.

For example, by defining a blaze with the abbreviation "/css", you can automatically open and close a style tag. No need to manually type in these tags every time, Text Blaze does all the work for you!

How the tool works

L'utilisation de Text Blaze est simple. Une fois l'extension Chrome installée, vous pouvez créer depuis votre tableau de bord vos propres blazes personnalisés. Par exemple, en utilisant "/css", vous pouvez configurer Text Blaze pour générer automatiquement une balise de style préremplie. Il vous suffira de taper "/css" et Text Blaze la transformera instantanément en "<style> </style>".

  1. From your dashboard, click on "New Snippet" to create your blaze.
  2. Under "Label", name your Blaze (e.g. "CSS").
  3. Under "Shortcut", define the Blaze keyboard shortcut (e.g. "/css").
  4. In the description, write the text you want to insert once the shortcut has been written:
Introducing a feature of the text-blaze tool with the creation of a CSS style shortcut

Once you've written the blaze, you can also choose where you'd like the cursor to be positioned once the shortcut has been taken (for example, between the two tags so you can start writing your custom code more quickly).

Its advantages

Text Blaze is a great advantage for Webflow developers, as it saves you valuable time by avoiding repetitive manual entry of custom code. Using blazes, you can quickly insert tags or other recurring elements, speeding up your workflow considerably.

Its drawbacks

The only major drawback is that Text Blaze is currently a Google Chrome-only extension, which means it is not available on all browsers.


In conclusion, Text Blaze is a very useful tool for speeding up custom code writing and optimizing your Webflow developer workflow. Thanks to its custom text shortcut features, Text Blaze lets you quickly insert tags or other recurring elements. By using Text Blaze, you'll save precious time and improve your Webflow productivity.

Text Blaze
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