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Color wheel palette generator


Create a color palette in one click and add it to your guide style with this Figma plugin!

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Use cases

  • Pallets for branding projects

  • Style guide creation

  • Creation of a graphic charter

Plugin Figma Color Wheel Palette Generator

The Figma Color Wheel Palette Generator plugin is a tool designed for web designers to facilitate the creation of harmonious, consistent color palettes. With this plugin, you can generate color palettes that match your branding and visual design needs for your Figma projects in just one click.

How does it work?

  1. ‍Check outthe "Color Wheel Palette Generator"plugin in the Figma Community
  2. Launch the plugin in the Figma interface
  3. Adjust colors according to your preferences or brand requirements:
    - Use the color wheel to select primary colors for your project
    - OR use a HEX code to find associated colors‍
  4. Click on"Generate Palette
  5. Use the colors generated by variables to integrate them directly into your projects


  • Time-saving: considerably reduces the time needed to create color palettes
  • Ease of use: simple user interface requiring no advanced technical skills
  • Color consistency: Helps maintain color consistency throughout the project
  • Creative inspiration: color combinations you might not have considered
  • Easy integration: Enables rapid adoption of colors into your guiding style and project variables
Color wheel palette generator
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