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Simple Icons


Simple Icons is a free and open source vector icon library for your web project.

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Use cases

  • Download icons in SVG

  • Copy the colors associated with the icons

  • Download icons in PDF

What is Simple Icons?

Simple Icons is a free vector icon library for popular brands. The icons are available in different formats, including SVG, PDF, white or color.

How do I use Simple Icons?

You can download the icons from the Simple Icons website and integrate them directly into your project. The icons are also easy to customize, which means you can adjust them to your specific needs.

Benefits of Simple Icons

Simple Icons offers many advantages for web designers and developers, such as :

  • A wide range of popular brand icons in many categories.
  • Free and open source icons, which means you can use them without restriction.
  • Various icon formats to meet your specific needs.
  • Icons that are easy to customize and adapt to your project.
  • Search by name

Disadvantages of Simple Icons

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider when using Simple Icons, including:

  • Some icons may be outdated or missing.
  • Some icons may not be available in the format you need.

Despite these drawbacks, Simple Icons remains a useful and practical vector icon library for designers and web developers looking to integrate branded icons into their projects.

Simple Icons
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