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Vectorize Bitmap - Trace Image


Convert your PNG images to SVG with this Figma plugin.

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Use cases

  • Convert PNG logo to SVG

  • Converting an illustration

  • Optimizing accessibility

Vectorize your PNG images into SVG from Figma

The Figma Vectorize Bitmap plugin is an efficient tool that simplifies the vectorization of PNG images in Figma. No need for external software or complicated conversions. With this plugin, you can instantly transform your images into SVG files directly from the Figma canva.

Conversion steps

The process is extremely simple:

  1. Select the PNG image you wish to vectorize,
  2. Go to Plugins and search for "Vectorize Bitmap - Trace Image".
  3. Click on "Run" to launch the plugin
  4. Get an SVG version in the blink of an eye.
Tip 💡 You can then use Figma's brush tool to customize the vectorized image and make corrections to details.

Application examples

The Figma Vectorize Bitmap plugin offers many possibilities for Figma users. Here are three common applications:

  1. Convert PNG logo to SVG : Simplify the process of converting your PNG logo to a vector format. This will enable you to adapt it easily to different sizes without loss of quality.
  2. Create custom icons: transform PNG images of icons into editable SVG files. This lets you adjust colors, shapes and details to create unique icons to match your design.
  3. Optimized accessibility: By vectorizing images containing text, you can improve their legibility for visually impaired users. Conversion to SVG makes it easy to adjust text size without compromising clarity.

A practical and efficient tool for vectorizing images directly in Figma!

Vectorize Bitmap - Trace Image
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