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Airtable is a comprehensive no-code database. Manage your data and structure it in multiple views. Connect Airtable to Webflow to easily manage all your collections and CMS items.

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Use cases

  • Marketing data

  • Webflow data and web forms

  • Customer data and CRM

Why use Airtable?

Airtable is a no-code database that is both easy to use and feature rich. Airtable allows you to easily manage multiple types of data within databases and tables. This no-code tool is used by many companies to replace spreadsheets like Excel or Google Sheet. Airtable has a built-in API and automations, so you can easily connect your data from multiple no-code tools.

How does Airtable work?


The Airtable databases containall the information of a project.

airtable base in gallery view


The data in your databases are organised in Airtable tables, where you can structure them.



Airtable allows you todisplay your data in different views: Grid / Form / Calendar / Gallery / Kaban / Timeline / Gantt. You can choose the most suitable view and filter the views according to what you want to display.

airtable view


The Airtable interface is a new feature that allows you to retrieve data from a table and structure it in an agile way on a page. The idea is to be able to highlight key figures, graphs, curves, etc.

airtable interface

Airtable and Webflow

The no-code Airtable Webflow combo is very often used. The two tools complement each other perfectly, especially for easily managing your CMS, your collections and your Webflow items, or simply for managing your leads from a form.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Many features
  • Integrated automation
  • Organisation of the data


  • Complex handling (many features)
  • Requires knowledge of databases
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