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Top 10 no-code tools (2023)

Want to create without code skills in 2023? Discover our selection of the 10 best nocode tools for your business or freelance activity.

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10 no-code tool logos (Webflow, Zapier, Notion, Loom, Make, Figma, Airtable, Wized, Coda, Weglot)

Stay competitive by using the latest technological tools to serve your business!

Why use a no-code tool ?

The testers are the adopters! There aremany reasons to use a no-code tool in your company:

  • Improved team collaboration and productivity
  • Creation and development of web strategies or applications
  • Reduction of the workload of your technical team (development)
  • Autonomy of marketing teams without dependence on technical teams
  • Reduced time to market for your ideas

For this, we tested several, and here is the tech stack (with some alternatives) that we recommend. No matter what your business is!

Our selection of nocode tools

1- Webflow

Webflow is a no-code tool for creating professional and complex websites. It offers an intuitive interface to design and develop fully customized websites without writing a single line of code. With Webflow, you can add interactive elements, animations and e-commerce features to your website. Webflow also offers integrated AWS hosting for your websites.

If you are looking for a no-code tool to create websites with great flexibility, Webflow is the perfect alternative to Wix, Wordpress or Drupal.

Discover the Webflow tool

2 - Figma

From general design to team brainstorming or web design (UX/UI), Figma is a revolutionary collaborative design tool to be used without moderation.

Discover the Figma tool

3 - Loom

Record your screen in one click and then share the video to anyone with a link. Loom is a great tool for collaboration, but also for recording video tutorials!

Discover the Loom tool

4 - Notion

Notion is often described as "your second brain". It is an indispensable tool to organize the life of your company.

Discover the Notion tool

5 - Airtable

The database of the 21st century. Airtable should replace the use of Excel in many companies in the coming years.

Discover the best data management tool Airtable

6 - Coda

An alternative to Notion with great advantages! Ideal for customer project management, but also for managing your internal organization.

Discover the Coda tool

7 - Zapier

A simple and intuitive to use automation tool.

Discover the Zapier automation tool

8 - Make

A complete and affordable task automation tool! (Formerly Integromat)

Discover the automation tool (workflow) Make

9 - Wized

Wized offers a serious alternative to Bubble by allowing the creation of Webapp on Webflow.

Discover the Wized tool

10 - Weglot

Weglot is a pure no-code product. By integrating one line of code (copy/paste), you can automatically translate thousands of words on your website.

Discover the Weglot machine translation tool

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