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Make (Integromat)


Make is the new 2022 version of Integromat. This no-code automation tool has been completely redesigned to create workflows more simply and efficiently.

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Use cases

  • Creation of simple and complex workflows

  • Webflow automation

  • API connection

Why use Make (Integromat)?

Make is a brand new no-code automation tool. A new version of Integromat, this alternative to Zapier allows you to connect and automate all your no-code tools. Hundreds of tool integrations allow you to create simple to complex workflows. Make also offers many built-in features:

  • Integrated Make tools: Flow control, Tools, Text Parser, etc.
  • Integrated features: Functions,
  • Integrated modules: webhooks, datastore, HTTP, JSON, etc.

How does Make (Integromat) work?

Creation of workflows

Make allows you to create workflows or scenarios to automate your processes and tools. These workflows are composed of a trigger, i.e. a web application that will trigger the automation, to which other applications are added that will perform defined actions. The modules integrated in your workflow can be integrations of no-code tools you use, native Make modules or application modules you have created.


Connections refers to all your tool integrations. You will therefore find all the tools you have connected to Make to manage them more easily.


Webhooks are modules that are often used in Make. They allow you to receive or send data from a website or web application. You can easily manage your Make webhooks from a dedicated space.

Data stores

Unlike some automation tools, Make has a "Data stores" database. This can be very useful in many workflows that require complex data management. You will not need to use a third party tool such as Airtable or Hubspot to manage the data in your workflows.

My Apps

Make has a "My Apps" functionality, allowing you to create your own integrated modules. Via code, you can develop a module and reuse it in your automations.

Overview of a Make workflow (Integromat)

The Make workflows are in the form of modules added one after the other. The interface is very intuitive.

make integromat workflow creation interface

Make (Integromat) and Webflow

Connecting Make to Webflow allows you to automate your website with all your no-code tools. Create simple or complex workflows to make your website a true no-code web platform:

  • automate your web forms
  • connection to your databases
  • automated blog and media
  • social networks connected to Webflow
  • CMS, Collections, Automated items
  • etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Intuitive interface
  • Creation of simple or complex workflows
  • Advanced automation features


  • Quite complex
  • Low-code or web skills are required
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