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Notion is a nocode collaboration tool, which allows all your teams to share and structure their data.

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4.8 / 5 (492)

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Use cases

  • Creation of a roadmap for your projects

  • Todo list

  • Database

Why use Notion?

Notion is a collaboration tool that allows you to exchange all types of data by organizing and grouping them on dedicated pages. The uses are multiple, and the tool can be used in an adapted way by all your teams: designers, human resources, project managers, product managers, sales, support, etc.

Here are some examples of how Notion is used:

  • Note taking
  • Creation of a roadmap for your projects
  • Design system
  • Database
  • Planning and timeline management
  • Storage of your files
  • Todo list
  • Company Wikipedia
  • Management of positions and jobs
  • Onboarding
  • Brand assets
  • Media kit
  • Mood Bord
  • Blog post
  • Social network management
  • etc.

Notion is a nocode tool that combines the functionalities of many other web applications such as Trello, Aana, Google Sheet, Excel, Airtable, Powepoint, Google Drive, etc. Used by most strat-ups, this tool is also perfectly adapted to small and medium-sized businesses.

How does Notion work?

The Notion application is a kind of web folder with 4 levels: teams, workspaces, pages, elements of these pages. This makes it possible to organise each data and file in a way that is adapted to your needs.


The first level of organisation is by team. When your company evolves, you can have a marketing team, a product team, a human resources team, etc.

notional workspace with team digidop circled in blue
Teams Notion


Within each team there are several workspaces to better organise the data. These workspaces are a kind of folder in which several pages are stored. 

notional workspace workspaces circled in blue
Workspaces Notion


You will be able to create several pages and sub-pages within each workspace to organise your data.

notional workspace workspaces circled in blue
Pages Notion

Blocks and elements

Notion allows you to add all types of elements within your pages to manage your data: texts, links, tables, formulas, images, files, embeds, tags, etc.

Elements Notion

Notion and Webflow

Notion can help you manage your Webflow site in several ways:

  • Managing your Webflow CMS
  • Managing your blog and posts
  • Optimise your internal linkage
  • Developing an SEO strategy
  • etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Easy to use
  • Centralizes data
  • Suitable for all types of sectors and clusters
  • API


  • Database still limited
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized structures only
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