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Optimize your web project management: 5 Key Tips

Whether you're redesigning, creating or maintaining your website, these tips based on years of experience will help you navigate your project efficiently.

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No matter what type of business you're in, redesigning or creating a website is always an important project. Web projects have a lot at stake, and above all a major business impact on your company. These projects often involve many players, and can be long and stressful. To make sure everything goes smoothly, here are 5 tips from Digidop.

Digidop is a web development agency that has assisted over 100 companies with the redesign, creation, launch and maintenance of their websites.

This article is a summary of the project management experience acquired over the last few years.

5 tips for a successful web project

Follow the recipe!

Tip 1: Clearly define project objectives

Example of a design sprint workshop on FigJam
Example of a Design Sprint workshop!
Why do you want to redesign your website?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. The answer to this question will enable you to define precise and relevant objectives for your web project.

At Digidop, we understand the importance of this initial stage. That's why we organize a series of interactive workshops with you and your teams to discuss your business challenges and development objectives. These discussions enable us to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and your vision, and to define web objectives that are not only consistent with these elements, but also tailored to your specific needs.

Here are a few examples of the discovery exercises and workshops we use to help define project objectives:

  • Design Sprint (goal and challenge mapping, etc.)
  • Brainstorming
  • SWOT
  • QQOQCP method

Tip 2: Plan carefully

Timeline of a Notion web project
Here's an example of how to plan a web project

Break the project down into tasks, and assign team/individual responsibilities with a timeline. This structured approach ensures that you stay on track, and know what remains to be done.

Tip 3: Choose an agency that trains and educates your team

Team trainers Digidop
Webflow & Figma trainers at Digidop

The success of a web project depends not only on the agency you choose, but also on your team's ability to manage and maintain the project over the long term. Because on a day-to-day basis, it's they who will use and develop your website (new blog post, new case study, new landing page, etc.).

That's why it's essential to select an agency that trains you and your teams to use your tool autonomously and according to best practice.

Tip 4: Choose a CMS that can be managed by marketing teams

E-commerce editor mode on a webflow site - digidop store
Webflow e-commerce website

Nobody wants to have to resort to a complex, technical process to make the slightest modification to their site. And that's the problem with homemade sites today. So it's best to choose an easy-to-administer CMS (Content Management System), which is an invaluable tool for any marketing team. It enables your team to manage the content of your website autonomously, without the need for in-depth technical skills.

Here is an example of some of the best-known CMS used on the market in 2023:

  • Webflow the most powerful, customizable tool on the market
  • Wordpress the big machine
  • Wix ease of use
  • Shopify the perfect tool for creating an e-commerce site

Tip 5: Communicate effectively to monitor project progress

Without clear and effective communication, even the best-planned project can run into trouble. It's essential to ensure that you have the means and tools to easily communicate with all project stakeholders. Whether through regular meetings, progress reports or online collaboration tools, make sure you choose an agency that communicates effectively on project progress and next steps.

Bonus: 5 tools for optimizing web project management

To further optimize your web project management, here are our 5 favorite tools:

  1. Notion: for task management and project documentation.
  2. Google Meet: for team meetings and customer calls.
  3. Slack: for internal communication and collaboration.
  4. Figma : for collaborative design and prototyping.
  5. Webflow : for the development of a high-performance website that can be managed by your company's marketing team


A web project is an important step in the life of any company. The five tips discussed in this article are our shared experience, which when applied to your situation, will give you a better chance of successfully completing - over time and in line with your objectives - your web project. To remember :

  1. Clearly define project objectives: Understand why you are undertaking a project and what your objectives are. Use workshops and exercises to clarify these objectives.
  2. Plan thoroughly: Break the project down into tasks and assign responsibilities to keep the project on track.
  3. Choose an agency that trains and educates your team: Training and education are essential to the long-term success of a web project.
  4. Choose an administrable CMS for marketing teams: Facilitate the content management process by choosing a CMS that's easy to administer.
  5. Communicate effectively to monitor project progress: Ensure clear and effective communication with all stakeholders to keep them informed of project progress.
  6. Use flexible tools: Use tools such as Notion, Google Meet, Slack, Figma and Webflow to optimize your web project management.

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