Badge Webflow Award Winner 2023
Florian Bodelot with a T-shirt Digidop
"First Frenchman to have obtained the Webflow double certification, I develop your Webflow sites with the best practices (SEO, performance, design)"

Florian Bodelot



When I opened Webflow for the first time, I immediately understood the potential of this tool and I fell madly in love with it.

Self-taught, I started my journey with Webflow by learning on Youtube tutorials. Since then, I have created dozens of projects on the Webflow CMS and became the first Frenchman to obtain the double certification :

My vision on Webflow

"It is crucial to take great care of the back panel, whether it is a fence or a cabinet, even if no one sees it."
Jobs, (Father of Steve Jobs)

Why this quote?

It emphasizes the importance of foundations. I place the same importance on no-code development. Most developers consider no-code to be "so easy" that they pile on drag-and-drop elements without thinking about the fact that behind the no-code, there is. CODE. It is therefore crucial to develop with the understanding of code in order to have an accurate and quality no-code development. (Read the quality charter Digidop)

Your website at the heart of your strategy

Today, your company does not exist if it is not present on the web. And I am convinced that all companies should put no-code and Webflow tools at the heart of their strategy. This powerful tool allows many integrations that create a synergy between :

  • marketing
  • sales people
  • human resources
  • IT
  • and many other services...

And to meet all these challenges, Webflow is in my opinion the no-code tool with the greatest potential for the years to come.

Personally, I am competitive by nature. I like to be efficient and learn new things. I never go to bed without learning something new:

1% better everyday.

Otherwise... I like

  • Sport (Passionate about Thai Boxing)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Stock market investments
  • Read

My skilssss


  • Problem solving
  • Learn by doing


  • Webflow development
  • Training and support on Webflow
  • SEO compliance of a Webflow site
  • Webflow ++ : html, css and Js integration

Other team members

Reactive, attentive and talented no-coders. A creative and dynamic team, ready to rise to any challenge in order to deliver innovative and customised solutions for our clients.