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Hubspot is an all-in-one inbound marketing, sales and customer service tool. Features for all your teams.

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4,5 / 5 (3 001)

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41€ / 740€ / 2 944 € / month

Use cases

  • Marketing campaigns

  • CRM sales

  • Customer follow-up

Why use Hubspot?

Hubspot is a very complete tool to manage your business, on the marketing, sales or customer service aspects. Your marketing teams will find many inbound tools for example to create landing pages, make emailing campaigns, integrate a chat or create web forms. This marketing data will be directly linked to the CRM of your sales force, which will be able to easily develop customer accounts and manage projects. Hubspot also allows you to manage customer service, for example with ticketing or chatbot functionalities.

A complete tool, easy to use by all your teams and which has an API to connect it to all your tools: slack, typeform, zapier, make, etc.

How does Hubspot work?

Hubspot offers functionalities to support the growth of the company on several aspects.

Inbound marketing tool

Features to generate SEO traffic and better convert.

  • SEO tool
  • Maketing automation
  • Social network management
  • Performance monitoring dashboard
  • Content creation tool
  • Advertising on social networks
  • etc.
hubpot interface with focus on the email campaign creation tool
Hubspot Marketing

Sales tool

A complete CRM for your sales teams.

  • CRM
  • Electronic signature system
  • Lead score
  • Management of sending times
  • Live chat
  • Quotation tool
  • etc.
hubpot interface with focus on CRM
Hubspot CRM

Customer service

Customer care and technical support software.

  • Ticketing tool
  • Chatbot
  • Customer support tool
  • Appointment booking tool
  • Customer knowledge database
  • etc.
hubpot interface with focus on the customer tracking tool
Hubspot customer service


Hubspot also offers a CMS that allows you to create quick and easy web pages for your campaigns.


Hubspot offers automation features to connect all your tools and create workflows. Automate all your data with hubspot.

hubpot interface with focus on the automation tool
Hubspot Workflow

Webflow and Hubspot

Connecting Webflow to Hubspot allows you to have a precise follow-up of all your website data: new leads, blog management, SEO optimization, marketing campaigns, page conversion rate, etc.

Conclusion on the tool

Benefits of Hubspot

  • Collaborative tool
  • All-in-one tool
  • Many features
  • Interconnected tool

Disadvantages Hubspot

  • Structuring tool
  • Landing page not optimised for SEO
  • Features that require knowledge of the tool
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