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Customer Relations

Slack is the office of the 21st century. Exchange easily internally and externally (with your customers) from #channels

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4,7/5 (21 156)

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Free | 7$ per user

Use cases

  • Internal communication

  • External communication

  • Workspace (Viso, call, etc.)

Why use Slack?

  • Collaborative workspace
  • Internal communication
  • External communication

How does Slack work?

Organise with different channels, called "channels" you can discuss in private spaces (e.g. your company), but also join public channels. Slack is very useful for sharing information, files, code, etc...

We use Slack to :

  • Internal collaboration
  • Communicating directly with our customers
  • Exchange with other experts from our no-code community (Webflow Expert, Integromat Experts, Finsweet, etc.)

Browser version

Log into your Slack account from any web browser.

Slack application

Download the Slack application for direct access on your computer or mobile phone.

Is Slack easy to use?

Slack is super easy to use. Very intuitive.

Benefits of Slack

  • Free version available
  • Super easy to use
  • Centralization of your exchanges
  • Backup of information through channels and pinning system

Disadvantages of Slack

  • You can quickly get a lot of Slack notifications...
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