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Discourse is a modern and open discussion platform. It is designed to build discussion communities, where users can have quality discussions in a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

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Use cases

  • Discussion forum

  • Community management

  • CMS integrations

Discourse is a completely open source dialog platform, developed in anticipation of the Internet needs of the coming decade. This versatile platform offers multiple applications, such as a discussion forum, a chat room or a mailing list, to name but a few.

Example of a Webflow build forum with Discourse

Key features

  1. Discussion forum: Create topics, reply to messages, quote, mention other users, edit and delete messages.
  2. Real-time notification: Receive notifications for likes, mentions, replies and private messages.
  3. Adaptive layout: The design automatically adapts to all types of device (computer, tablet, mobile).
  4. Community management: Message moderation, user and group management, badge system to reward positive behavior.
  5. Multi-language support.
  6. Powerful search tool: Global search to easily find topics or messages.
  7. Integrations: Integrates with platforms such as WordPress, Webflow, Slack, etc.
  8. Like" feature: Allows users to express their support or appreciation for a post.
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