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Customer Relations

Front is a customer communication platform that enables teams to provide fast and human responses at scale to build strong customer relationships.

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Use cases

  • Manage customer support emails

  • Manage social networks

  • Manage sales requests

Front - The customer communication platform for building strong relationships

Front is a customer communication platform that enables teams to respond quickly and humanely to customer inquiries, manage customer support emails, social media messages and sales requests from a single centralized platform. With Front, companies can improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and build strong relationships with their audience.

Main features

  • Real-time collaboration to manage customer support emails: With the real-time collaboration feature, teams can work together on customer support emails, assign tasks and track progress in real time. This allows for a faster and more efficient response to customer requests.
  • Manage messages from different social media channels: With Front, companies can manage messages from different social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) from a single platform. Teams can easily respond to customer comments and private messages and monitor their online presence.
  • Sales Request Management and Opportunity Status Tracking: Front enables sales teams to efficiently manage sales requests and track the status of opportunities. Companies can track conversations with prospects and leads, assign tasks to team members, and monitor progress.
  • Assigning tasks and tracking progress: Front allows teams to collaborate effectively by assigning tasks and tracking progress. Team members can easily see who is working on what and which tasks are priorities.


  • Centralize customer communications: By using Front, companies can centralize all customer communications, making it easier to manage customer interactions and increase operational efficiency.
  • Real-time collaboration: Front enables teams to collaborate in real time on customer requests, improving the quality of response and enabling faster problem resolution.
  • Social Media Management: With Front, teams can effectively manage customer interactions on social media, monitoring their online reputation and strengthening their social presence.


  • Cost: Front is a paid tool, which can represent a significant investment for some companies.
  • Learning the tool: Teams need to get used to using Front, which can take time and requires training.
  • Tool dependency: Once an organization has started using Front, it can become dependent on the tool to manage its customer communications.

Front is a powerful customer communication platform that helps teams respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries, manage social media messages and sales requests, while centralizing information in a single platform. With Front, companies can improve operational efficiency and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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