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Pipedrive is a sales software and marketing tool adapted to small and medium sized companies.

Key figures

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4,5 / 5 (2 372)

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12,50 € / 24,90 € / 49,90 € / month and user

Use cases

  • Customer relationship management

  • Lead follow-up

  • Email campaigns

Why use Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that facilitates customer relationship management. It allows you to monitor communications, set up automated tasks and give you indicators according to the objectives you have set.

How does the Pipedrive sales tool work?

Sales tool

Pipedrive offers a comprehensive CRM tool, or sales software, to manage your leads, customers and projects.

Sales automation: integrated sales assistant, workflow automation, intelligent contact data

Lead management: pipeline management with a visual and intuitive interface, intelligent lead management and CRM de-cluttering, chatbot and livechat, web forms.

illustration of the pipedrive contact management tool

CRM reporting and insight: customisable reporting, sales dashboard, targets, forecasts.

illustration of reports on pipedrive

Email and communication: contact management, inbox and email.

E-mailing software

Pipedrive announces a brand new email marketing platform called Campaigns. With Pipedrive's new tool, you have everything at your fingertips! Bringing together essential email marketing tools such as campaign creation, A/B testing and personalisation, online survey creation, link tracking and more in one elegant platform, Campaigns redefines the way businesses engage with their prospects.

  1. Creation of personalised campaigns
  2. Customer loyalty
  3. Statistics and audience monitoring
illustration of pipedrive's emailing software

Automated integrations and workflows

Chatbot, no-code automation tool, database, telephony tool, appointment setting tool, survey tool, etc. Pipedrive has an API to connect to all your nocode tools, and simplify the work of your sales and marketing teams on a daily basis:

illustration of an automated workflow in pipedrive

Pipedrive and Webflow

Connect your Webflow site to your Pipedrive database to manage your leads, add contacts, create new customer accounts, and create new deals in your pipeline.

Conclusion on sales software

Benefits of Pipedrive

  • Affordable price
  • Features suitable for a VSE
  • Tool integrations

Disadvantages Pipedrive

  • Limited marketing functionality
  • Not suitable for large structures
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