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Jotform is a no-code web form creation tool. Create web forms, simple or complex, and connect them to your no-code tools with Jotform.

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4,6 / 5 (736)

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Free / $24 / $29 / month

Use cases

  • Application forms

  • Lead generation form

  • Reservation forms

Why use Jotform?

Jotform is a nocode tool for creating web forms. As an alternative to Typeform, Jotform is a simple and very complete solution to create advanced web forms:

  • Integration of logic
  • Calculation system
  • Spreadsheet
  • PDF Generator
  • Reports
  • Online payments
  • Widget and integrations
  • Mail and automatic reminders
  • Etc.

Jotform also allows you to connect your web forms to many web applications such as Google Sheet, Airtable, Slack, Make (integromat), hubspot, etc.

Create online forms with Jotform for all types of needs:

  • Order forms
  • Registration forms
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Application forms
  • etc.

How does Jotform work?

Creating a custom form

Jotform is a tool that works with simple drag and drop fields, which you can spread over several pages or sections of the form: name, first name, email, text, date, telephone, file upload, etc. You can easily customise the interface and the preview of your form to suit your graphic style.

jotform web form interface with focus on customization
Web form customisation

Form sharing options

Jotform offers you several methods of sharing your forms, to adapt them to each of your needs: embedding in a site, sharing link, lightbox, sending by email, etc.

jotform web form creation interface with focus on sharing options
Jotform sharing option

Advanced form features

Many advanced features will allow you to optimise your forms, the user path or data processing.

  • Adding logic
  • Template creation
  • Form automation with custom fields
  • Calculation system according to the answers provided
  • Customisation of each field
  • UTM data integration
  • Connection to no code tools
  • Integration of an approval system
  • Creation of a mobile application
  • Display condition system
  • Etc.
jotform web form creation interface with focus on advanced features
Advanced Jotform features

Analysis of web form data

The data is sent by default in a Jotform spreadsheet, but you can also connect your web applications to automate the sending.

jotform web form creation interface with focus on data management tools
Jotform data management

Jotform and Webflow

It is possible to connect Jotform to Webflow to integrate very advanced web forms to your site. You can for example integrate an embed in a dedicated place, or add a link back.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Easy to use
  • Interconnected
  • Many features


  • Advanced features can be more complex to use
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