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Stripe, the nocode online payment platform, for e-commerce, SaaS, e-learning and other international financial transactions.

Key figures

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4,7 / 5 (2 317)

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1.4% / 2.9% / per transaction

Use cases

  • E-commerce platform

  • Saas tool

  • Cryptocurrency

Why use Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment solution for businesses. Use Stripe to accept a wide variety of payment methods worldwide, expand your sales internationally, and collect payments internationally.

Stripe simplifies the online payment experience for both your customers and your business: SEPA Direct Debit, credit card payments, etc.

How does Stripe work?

Payment platform

Stripe has a platform that will allow you to create any type of product for one-time payments, subscriptions etc.


Stripe Checkout is a pre-built, optimised hosted payment page that you can easily set up and add to your site without a line of code. Whether it's one-time purchases or subscriptions, Checkout will allow you toaccept online payments quickly and securely, no matter what product you're selling!

stripe checkout interface online payment

Customised payment interface

Stripe offers a number of UI features that allow you to design your payment pages to reflect your business. For example, you can offer a different design depending on the countries in which you sell your products.

3 customised payment interfaces on the stripe tool

Billing system

Stripe simplifies the billing process to get paid faster using Stripe Invoicing. You can create and automate the electronic invoicing process hosted by Stripe, without having to code. The API and advanced features limit the risk of non-payment: auto-collection, push notifications, invoice reminders, payment reconciliation, risk, etc.

image of a stripe invoice


Stripe allows you to manage subscriptions, for example for a SaaS tool or an e-learning platform. Stripe will then take care of direct debit and send invoices every month.

online subscription solution with stripe

API Stripe

Stripe has an API that allows it to connect to any web application: payment management, business operations, financial services, etc.

api stripe screenshot

Commercial management

Stripe's interface offers many commercial features:

image of a tax-on-stripe functionality for commercial management

Stripe and Webflow

Your Webflow site can become a web platform or e-commerce site by connecting Stripe. The tool has a direct integration with Webflow, which simplifies its use. Connect Stripe and Webflow to offer a simple, automated and cross-border payment solution.

image of stripe use with webflow on computer and phone

Conclusion on the tool

Benefits of Stripe

  • Many features
  • API
  • Secure and RGPD compliant

Disadvantages of Stripe

  • A large number of features that make its use more complex
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