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Online payment service for your web platform or simple showcase site.

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4,7 / 5 (21 581 reviews)

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0.35€ fixed / 2.9% variable

Use cases

  • Online payment

  • Subscription management

  • Payment terminal

Why use PayPal?

Paypal is an online payment service, which allows you to both make and receive payments. 

How does the application work?

paypal online payment interface

Accepting payments

  • Paypal Checkout: your customers can pay via their PayPal, via a credit card, via any other online payment method. Integrate and customise your payment page on your website. 
  • Manage subscriptions: create subscriptions for your recurring customers
  • 4X payment banner: offer your customers the option of staggered payments
  • Payment Terminal: The service allows you to receive payments from a Zettle terminal
  • e-Terminal: possibility to accept payments by phone.
  • Sales on social networks: emailing, social networks, instant messages, PayPal allows you to easily share a payment link with your customers. 
  • QR Codes
  • PayPal buttons: integrate secure purchase buttons into your merchant site and web platform. 
  • Generate quotes and invoices: custom VAT configuration

Making payments

  • Making payments via your PayPal address
  • Making bulk payments
  • Send donations

Online portfolio

You have your own virtual wallet, with which you can manage your transactions, connect accounts and credit cards. 

Shipping and delivery

The platform works with Packlink to manage the tracking and details of your transactions. Fully compatible with e-commerce platforms, this solution allows you to access all types of carriers such as UPS, DHL, GLS, DPD Group, etc. 

Litigation management

PayPal supports you in your purchasing and selling problems with specialised services. 


PayPal offers a dashboard to study your sales performance and help you develop your business. 

PayPal and Webflow

Although the best payment solution for a Webflow site is Stripe, PayPal has an API that you can connect directly to Webflow to manage transactions on your site. 

PayPal also has modules on no-code automation tools like Zapier or Make (Integromat) that you can connect directly to Webflow. To do this, start with :

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Account creation via a simple email address
  • No subscription required to use the service


  • 2 working day payment terms
  • Not native in Webflow
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