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Webflow is the modern alternative to Wordpress for creating websites. Combining design and performance, the tool is complete.

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4,6/5 (213)

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Free version / 12$ / 19$ / +36$ (month)

Use cases

  • Website development

  • E-commerce website development

  • Creation of landings pages

Why use Webflow?

  • Creation of a showcase website (marketing, blog, etc.)
  • Creation of a (small) e-commerce site
  • Development of landing pages

How does Webflow work?

No-code web development tool

Webflow is actually a visual code editor. It is often said that Webflow is a no-code tool thanks to its drag and drop system. In reality, by dragging and dropping blocks, you edit code (HTML5 and CSS).

Is Webflow easy to use?

The tool is more complicated to learn than its competitors, Wix, Wordpress or Squarespace. To build and develop well on Webflow you need to have practiced and some knowledge in HTML and CSS are recommended.

Alternatively, you can find an expert agency on this page.

Yes, with the editor mode.

The developer mode is quite complicated yes (fortunately, there are Webflow agencies for that), but there is an editor mode that allows you to manage the daily life of your site easily. The editor mode gives access to the creation of dynamic elements, change images or texts! In short, it covers the needs of most marketing teams.

Benefits of Webflow

  • Stunning website designs
  • Fast, SEO-optimised sites
  • A strong community
  • Lots of free tutorials and content

Disadvantages of Webflow

  • Long learning curve
  • E-commerce in development

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