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1.FR allows you to enrich your content with the semantic field of your target query

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4,9 / 5 (75)

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From : 60.00/month Free trial available Free version

Use cases

  • Help with drafting

  • SEO optimization of content

  • Work on the semantic field of a query

Why use

  • Help with drafting
  • Work on synonymy
  • SEO optimization of content
  • Optimisation on a target query
  • Optimisation score

How does work?

No-code on-page SEO tool

1.FR is a tool that will analyse the semantic field of a query. By using the tool, you will receive an optimisation score according to the terms used on your pages. In addition, the tool will provide you with a list of keywords to help you enrich your texts. The higher your score, the better your page is optimised for SEO.

Is 1.FR easy to use?

Yes, 1.Fr is very intuitive. All you have to do is choose which search engine you want to optimise your content for, define a target query and enter the URL of your page. Once these steps are completed, you get a score and a list of keywords to insert in your text to improve your on-page content.

Conclusion on the tool

Benefits of 1.FR

  • Intuitive tool
  • Free version
  • Real-time scoring
  • Large list of keywords
  • Optimisation on 1 particular query
  • Chrome extension available

Disadvantages of 1.FR

  • The list of keywords is only available if you pay
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