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Adobe Fonts


Find a font family that fits your business and graphic design. Over 20,000 different fonts.

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4.7 / 5 (6,889 reviews)

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35,99 € / 62,47 € / month

Use cases

  • Find a policy family

  • Search for typefaces

  • Combine different font styles

What is Adobe Fonts? 

The tools of the Adobe suite are numerous, and aim to meet all the needs of designers. Adobe Fonts is a library offering more than 20,000 fonts to download and use for all types of projects. 

If you are looking for an original font for your design, platform or website, Adobe Fonts is the perfect tool!

Features of the tool

The platform is very easy to use and helps you find a policy according to your criteria. 

Find a policy family based on criteria

Among all the font families of Adobe Fonts, you can filter according to your needs:

Languages or writing systems

French, English, Arabic, Finnish, Czech, Chinese etc.

language filtering in the Adobe Fonts tool

Key words

You have 26 possible writing styles (Calligraphic, Sober, Brush, Raw, Fun, Shaded, Geometric, etc.)

filtering by keywords in the Adobe Fonts tool


Sans Serif, Serif, Egyptian, Cursive, Mono, Hand

filtering by classification of the Adobe Fonts tool


Thickness, Width, Eye, Contrast, Standard or uppercase, Number style

filtering by properties of the Adobe Fonts tool


Adobe Fonts also makes font recommendations based on trends, recent searches, and new releases.

filtering by recommendation of the Adobe Fonts tool


Adobe Fonts has created dozens of font packs based on themes such as "Ten Fonts to Get Started", "Animated Fonts", "Fun Fonts", etc.

filtering by packs in the Adobe Fonts tool

Visual search

Upload a visual that you like so that Adobe Fonts can suggest similar typographies.

visual font search on the Adobe Fonts tool


  • The tool allows you to search thousands of fonts for free
  • The typographies are put in situation on visual elements to help you to project yourself
  • You can easily find a font that matches your design criteria


  • You will be required to have a Creative Cloud account to download the font
Adobe Fonts
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