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8 features for better collaboration on Figma

Collaborating with several people on your design projects is sometimes complex. Figma has therefore developed many features that will allow you to optimize teamwork on your projects. Here are the 8 best features to collaborate on Figma!

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collaboration interface on a figma project on a purple background

Collaborating on design projects is sometimes complex. A single project often requires you to work with many different tools such as photoshop, illustrator, indesign, etc. on which you are often alone to create. In the context of a web project, however, there will be many players and may include designers such as project managers, product managers, marketing teams, engineers or even sales teams.

To improve the design phase of web projects, Figma has developed many features that will allow you to collaborate more easily.

Create and share as a team

An essential feature for designers and developers is the ability to create a team on Figma. Figma teams will be able to access a common workspace where all your projects and files are grouped together.

The tool therefore allows you to create several teams, for example to separate your design teams dedicated to client projects from your marketing and communication teams.

figma dashboard with teams circled in blue

Working simultaneously

Figma allows you to work simultaneously with several people on the same project. Either with your teams or by inviting other collaborators on a project, you can design and evolve at the same time. Each modification or new design made to a project is visible in real time to all the designers in the file.

Observation mode

When you are working with several people on the same project, this mode will allow you to take the view of one of your collaborators. You will be able to follow live where he is and what he is presenting or looking at on the file. A very useful mode for presentations, for example.

highlighting the figma observation mode

Accessing the modification history

When you start to design with several people on the same project, it can be useful to access the history to see who has made this or that modification, and restore a previous version if necessary. Figma gives you access to all the modification history of a project, by identifying the team member who made the modification. You can thus easily access the Figma history to restore an old version Create a new version of the file, rename a version, share or delete a version.

blue circled figma file history on a project

Add comments and feedback

One of the most used features to easily collaborate on Figma is the possibility to add comments. Easy to use, you can add a comment on a specific point of the file or on a larger area with one click. You can detail your comment by adding an image, a file or a link. This makes feedback clearer and more accurate for the whole team.

highlighting comments on a figma project with comments circled in blue

Launching team calls

Figma also allows you to communicate live from your project, with all the people in it, thanks to the "Conversation" feature. This means you can chat live from Figma, without having to use another tool like Slack or Google Meet.

highlighting team calls on a figma file

Share mock-ups and designs

Project sharing on Figma is an essential feature, allowing you toinvite new people to collaborate, or simply to view a project.

  • Adding a person to the project
  • Sharing an editing link
  • Sharing a link to view
  • Embed code to integrate into a website or other tool
figma file sharing option

Connect Figma to your nocode collaboration tools

Finally, let's not forget that Figma is a no-code tool, so it can easily beused with many other tools. You will be able to push your Figma collaboration even further by connecting your projects and designs to tools like Slack, Notion, Trello,, etc.

logo notion logo coda logo slack

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