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5 tools for choosing the right typography for your website

Find the ideal typography for your website! Here are 5 tools to help you identify the font family you need for your project: preview, font associations, font layout, Figma plugin, etc.

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Several typeface names written in black on a white background

Typography is an essential element of a site and of your communication.

Through its shape, size and color, the font transmits emotions to the reader, just as an image or illustration would. Each font is interpreted in a unique way and sends a precise message, notably linked to social codes. For example, we will easily associate a black and white site with a sober, pure, straight font with something upscale, luxury, fashion. In the same way, a thicker, capitalized and italicized font will fit perfectly into a sports website.

Social codes and web habits allow us today to easily associate a font with a sector, a product, a service, a positioning, which makes the choice of your typography all the more important.

How to choose a font?

When choosing a font, you will actually be looking at a font family. A font family is a set of fonts that have the same design, but vary in style (bold, semi-bold, italic, roman, etc.).

The first thing to do is to ask yourself how many fonts you will need for your website. Are you going to use one "super font" for your whole project or are you going to choose several fonts to separate titles, subtitles, body?

You will then have to take into account several criteria for the choice of your typography(s):

  • Upper and lower case texts
  • Punctuations
  • Special characters and glyphs
  • Family wealth (more or less styles)
  • Legibility and accessibility
  • Compatibility with other fonts
  • Consistency with your brand image

So many criteria that can make the choice of a suitable typeface more complex. Here are 5 tools that will help you find an optimal font for your project.

1. Adobe Fonts

adobe font interface with multiple fonts and advanced filtering system

Adobe Fonts is a real database that includes hundreds of different font families. A very relevant filtering system will allow you to find a font according to precise criteria:

  • Language,
  • style,
  • the classification (Serif, Sans Serif, Egyptian, Cursive, Mono, Hand),
  • the width,
  • thickness,
  • the eye,
  • the contrast,
  • etc.

Learn more about Adobe Font

2. Fontjoy

fontjoy interface with three black typographies on a grey background

A simple and efficient tool to match several font families together. Fontjoy allows you tomatch, either randomly or precisely, several font families. Fonts are highlighted at three levels: title, subtitle, body text.

If you have already chosen a particular typeface you can also section it so that the tool suggests complementary fonts in a random way.

More about Fontjoy

3. Fontpair

figma fontpair plugin in a figma file with typographies set on white text and black background

A very useful tool to project yourself! The Fontpair tool allows you to find a font among dozens of free fonts, mostly Google Fonts. The advantage of Fontpair is that it also allows you to find font associations. Very useful if you want to use different fonts for titles and body text for example.

The tool also offers font previews on website sections. You will be able to project yourself more easily by associating fonts with styles, colors and graphic universes.


Fontpair has a Google extension and a Figma! integration.

Learn more about Fontpair

4. Google Fonts

google font interface with multiple fonts and a filtering system

Google Fonts includes all the fonts proposed and recommended by Google. They are all free fonts, which you can download directly from the platform.

Google Fonts offers more than 1430 font families, in dozens of different languages. You can choose your fonts according to very simplified categories and properties.

Learn more about Google Font

5. Typespiration

typical interface with several text situations on website sections

Associate colors to your fonts! Typespiration is a free tool that, in addition to helping you find the ideal typography, associates colors to fonts . Typespiration also allows you to search for font associations to match titles and body text. Directly inspired by websites, the scenarios allow you to project yourself for example to shape the links on the texts, the text colors on a button or CTA, the colors of sublines, etc.

This tool will help you make your typography a real design element for your site.

Learn more about Typespiration

6. Bonus : Dafont

Dafont is a very well known font database, especially because the tool offers hundreds of free downloadable fonts. Between themes, languages and styles, Dafont allows you to filter, preview and download many fonts for your website.

Learn more about Dafont

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