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Import and Add a custom font in Webflow

Do you want to personalise your web pages even more with Webflow? It is possible by importing and adding custom fonts to your project. Discover in this simple Webflow tutorial how to do it with 2 methods!

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Custom webflow font interface

Webflow offers a range of features to customise your website. The tool is well known for offering its users advanced web design solutions. In this article, we will show you how to import and add your own custom font in Webflow.

Method 1: Import & Add a Google Font

Step 1: Go to the Projects Setting of your Webflow project

In this step, you will have to go to the settings of your Webflow project. To do so, from the interface of your project, you will just have to click on the "W" on the top left and then on "Project Settings".)

Go to the Webflow project settings from the Designer

Once you have arrived at the settings page, you need to go to the "Fonts" tab.

Fonts tab in the Webflow project settings

Step 2: Select the type of Google Font you need

Click on the drop-down list in the "Google Fonts" section and scroll down until you find the font you want. For our example, we will choose the font "Martel".

By selecting your font type, you will be able to select several variants (font thickness) and several language/script (decorative and artistic variant).

Selection of a Google Font and its variants

Once you have chosen all the variants of your font, click on the "Add Font" button.

Step 3: Change the font of your texts in your project pages

Now that you have added your new font, you can return to your Webflow project. To apply the new font to a text, you will need to go to the Style (S) tab, scroll down to the "Typography" section. In the "Typography" section, select the new font in Font and customise your texts.

Changing the font in Webflow from the Style tab and the Typography section: Text in the Martel font

Method 2: Import a custom font into Webflow (that is not in Google Font)

Step 1: Download a font file to your device

The first step in this method is to download your font to your device files (most commonly computers).

Please note that in order for your font to be uploaded correctly, you must upload fonts in TTF, OTF, EOT or WOFF format.

A very useful nocode tool for downloading fonts is DaFont. This tool offers many types of fonts to download with compatible formats. For this example, we will download the font "Arcane Nine". In Dafont, you just have to search for the font and click on the "download" button (please pay attention to the author's notes which specify the type of use).

Download a font from the Dafont tool

Step 2: Unzip the zip file

If you have downloaded the font from DaFont, you will see a "Zip" file in your downloads. You will need to unzip this file. To unzip this type of file, select it, right click and click on "Extract All...". A new file will be created with your font and its variants if there are any.

Unzip a zip file in the file explorer

Step 3: Go to the Projects Setting of your Webflow project

Repeat the first step of the first method. To summarise, go to the "Projects Setting" of your Webflow project and go to the "Fonts" tab.

Step 4: Upload your custom font

For this step, you will need to click on the "Upload"button in the "Custom Fonts" section.

Upload a custom font to Webflow

Your file explorer will open and you will have to go and find the font you have previously downloaded. Select your font and the variants you want if there are any (to make a multiple selection, hold down the "ctrl" key) and click on open.

Selection of the font to be uploaded in Webflow

Your font will be uploaded to Webflow, you will then have to select the options you want and click on the "Upload Font File" button. If you have made a mistake, you can edit or delete the font once it is uploaded.

Upload a custom font to the Custom Fonts section of Webflow

Step 5: Change the font of your texts in the Designer

You will go back to the Designer of your project, go to the Style tab and then to the Typography section. Your font is now available and ready to use.

Changing the font in Webflow from the Style tab and the Typography section: Text in Arcane Nine font

Watch our video on the subject: Importing/Adding your own font | Webflow tutorial

Learn the best practices to insert a font in Webflow!

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