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The 3 best no-code tools to create a website in 2023

You don't need to know how to code to develop your website in 2023. There are tons of no-code tools for that. Here are the 3 best ones

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Photo of the home pages of the Shopify, Webflow and Framer sites

No moreneed to know how to code to develop your website in 2023. There are tons ofno-code tools for that. Here are the 3 best tools to create your website according to your needs 😏

1. E-commerce website : Shopify

Shopify Home Page

Shopify is certainly the best no-code tool to create an e-commerce website in 2023. It is easy to use and offers many professional design templates. But most importantly:

  • advanced product (stock) and order management features,
  • easy integrations with online payment platforms,
  • plug & play integrations with marketing tools.

In short, Shopify is the ideal tool in 2023 for businesses of all sizes looking to get their online sales business off the ground quickly.

2. Marketing site: Webflow

Webflow home page

More and more popular in the competitive world of website builders, Webflow is becoming step by step the reference to create a marketing website. And it is deserved, thanks to :

  • Advanced page creation and design features,
  • An intuitive and easily scalable dynamic content management system (CMS),
  • SEO performance above the competition,
  • New features every quarter (member spaces, automation logic, etc.)
  • API integration,
  • And a community of madness 💜

In 2023, Webflow is the popular choice for both freelancers and web design agencies.

3. Landing Page : Framer

Framer home page

It's the new kid on the block that you need to keep an eye on. Pierre told you about it in this article, Framer is an all-in-1 design tool that aims to combine two tools , Figma and Webflowin a single platform.

The objective? To be able to transform its model into a responsive and indexable website with a single click.

In summary, it is now possible to launch the development of your website without needing to know how to code thanks to the use of no-code tools.

Shopify, Webflow and Framer are the 3 best tools to create an e-commerce site, a marketing site and a landing page respectively. You just need to target your needs to choose the right tool and take advantage of its features.

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