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Discord, communicate as a team through channels

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4,7 (201)

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Free version / 2,99€ per month / 9,99€ per month

Use cases

  • Data exchange and sharing

  • Community Discovery

  • Instant screen sharing

Why use Discord?

  • At the base, created for gamers, for video games
  • Group work
  • Exchange and share with colleagues and friends
  • Discover new topics, new themes 
  • Chat easily with friends 
  • Easily exchange files (image, screenshot, video)
  • With subscription increase file size

How does Discord work?

An alternative to Slack, Discord is a server-based system where each server is a place to create audio or text chat rooms.

It is possible to create categories or group discussions.  

New servers can also be added based on the searches performed.

2 paid options for Discord

Nitro basic plan (2.99€/month) : 50mo extra upload + custom emojis

Nitro Plan (9.99€/month) : 500mo extra upload + custom emojis + HD video streaming + 2 server boosts

Browser version 

You can log into your Discord account from any web browser!

Discord application

You can also download the Discord app and connect from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Is Discord easy to use?

Discord is an intuitive and easy to use tool. 

Benefits of Discord:

  • Free of charge
  • Good visibility of the servers you belong to 
  • Fast and easy to use interface
  • Centralization of everything 
  • Many additional features that can be useful
  • Stream from your screen 

Disadvantages of Discord:

  • Number of servers limited to 100
  • File size limit of 50 MB

Discover the discord vs slack comparison!

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