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Tuto: Ando Figma plugin that generates images via AI

Ando, the Figma plugin that uses artificial intelligence to generate images.

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Ando is a plugin Figma plugin that uses the latest AI technology to generate images from simple descriptions or prompts. It's designed to be easy to use, even for those who don't have a background in graphic design. With Ando, you will be able to create images or image variants to help you with your Figma designs and projects.

Ando AI has the unique ability to gauge between description and image to generate new visuals. This makes the Figma plugin an ideal tool for designers, marketers, developers and anyone looking to create professional quality images quickly. It is also suitable for beginners who want to discover the possibilities of AI from Figma.

1. Start using the plugin

There are several ways to start using this plugin. You can either do it from the plugin page or directly from a Figma design file.

Method 1: From the plugin page

figma ando plugin web page with focus on try it out button
  1. Go to the page of the Figma plugin from this link
  2. Click on "Try it out

Method 2: From a figma design file

figma file with ando plugin open and circled in blue
  1. Open a Figma file
  2. Accessing plugins from the toolbar
  3. Enter the plugin name "Ando" from the plugin search bar

2. Generate an image with Ando

Method 1: From a prompt

ando plugin from figma design interface with prompt field circled in blue

From the "Prompt" field you will be able to add a description for the image to be generated. To write an effective prompt for Ando, it is important to be precise and detailed in the description of the desired image, using action verbs and specifying details such as color, shape, size, etc. It's also important to keep it concise to make it easier for the AI to understand. In summary, to write a good prompt for Ando, you need to be precise, detailed and concise in the description of the desired image.

Method for writing an effective AI prompt

Method 2: From an image

ando plugin from figma design interface with reference fields circled in blue

Ando also allows you to create variations of an image, for example to give you inspiration.

  1. Create a frame on Figma
  2. Add an image to a frame
  3. Check that the "Reference" field in Ando displays the name of the image
  4. Reduce the Weight prompt to 0 (this will allow the tool to focus 100% on the image)

Method 3: Hybrid from a prompt and an image

ando plugin from figma design interface with several fields circled in blue

You can also combine the two previous methods to improve an existing image or to add elements to it.

  1. Select a frame containing the image
  2. Add a description in the "Prompt" field
  3. Adjust the "Prompt weight" gauge to give more or less importance to the prompt or image

3. Set the image to be generated

ando plugin from figma design interface with two parameter fields circled in blue

Ando also allows you to :

  1. Choose the number of images that will be generated: 1 or 4 images
  2. Choose the size of the images that will be generated: small / medium / large
Alternatives to Ando for generating images with AI

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