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Top 10 Figma keyboard shortcuts to design quickly

Top 10 Figma keyboard shortcuts to design faster! 🏃♀️💨

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Figma has dozens of design features, each with very useful shortcuts. In this article, we gather 10 keyboard shortcuts that are very useful in everyday life to design more quickly.

For each of the following keyboard shortcuts, the Cmd key (on Mac) should be replaced by the Ctrl key if you are using Windows.

1. Duplicate elements: Cmd + D

The shortcut Cmd (on mac) or Ctrl (on pc) + D replaces Cmd + C / Cmd + V. Two keyboard shortcuts in one! This shortcut also saves the distances at which you have positioned your new element, for the next ones that will be duplicated.

2. Stretch while keeping the proportions: K

By clicking on K, you can stretch any element of your Figma so that it keeps all its proportions of height, width, size.

3. Stretch a frame without moving the elements: Cmd + stretch

In Figma, the graphic elements of the contents of the frames are subject to certain constraints. When you stretch your frame from top to bottom or left to right, the elements it contains will adopt a behavior according to the defined constraints. To stretch your frame without modifying the location of the elements it contains, you will have to "deactivate" these constraints. Hold down the Cmd or Ctrl key and stretch the frame.

4. Rectangle, line, arrow and ellipse: R, L, Shift + L, O

Access Figma's vector shapes in one click!

  • Square: R
  • Line : L
  • Arrow: Shift + L
  • Ellipse : O

5. Show or hide the layout grid: Shift + G

Most designers use layout grids to standardize spacing, margins, section sizes, etc. Figma allows you toshow and hide in one click all the layout grids of your model: Shift + G

6. Move with horizontal or vertical alignment: Shift + move

When you move elements in Figma, hold down the Shift key and choose an axis. This keyboard shortcut will allow you to maintain this axis when repositioning.

7. Holding elements in a frame: Space

Sometimes you may want to move a visual to the edges of a frame without it leaving the frame. In fact, as soon as your cursor leaves the frame, the graphic element you have entered also leaves. If you hold down the Space key, this will not be the case!

This keyboard shortcut also works the other way around, if you want to overlay visual elements on a frame without them fitting in .

8. Create a frame: F or Cmd + Opt + G

Two keyboard shortcut options to create a frame in Figma, which you can use depending on the situation.

  • If you want to create a new frame from 0, you just have to click on the F key to access the functionality.
  • If you want to group elements within a frame, you must select these elements and then do: Cmd + Opt + G

As a bonus, the shortcut Cmd + G allows you to group items into a Group instead of a Frame.

9. Rename: Cmd + R

Rename any element of your Figma by selecting it and using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + R.

10. Access to Figma plugins: Cmd + Opt + P

Since the June 2022 update, Figma has redesigned the interface of its plugins making them much more accessible. However, some plugins still close after each use. This is a bit restrictive when you want to use it several times in a row. To solve this problem you can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Opt + P, so that the last used plugin opens again.

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