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An AI for Alt Text on Webflow

Discover this new AI that allows you to automatically generate relevant alternative descriptions for your webflow images (SEO tips)

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Alt text generation for Webflow images via AI

⚠️ This AI is currently paused - not Maj - so it's temporarily no longer working. We'll update the article when a new AI enables the function.

This chrome extension (free) is fantastic. It allows you to generate in two clicks, an alternative description, Alt Text, of good quality, for the images of your webflow site!

Discover how to install and use it on a webflow site in this tutorial.

👉 AI Alt Text for Webflow by Web Bae

What is an Alt Text?

Reminder: alt text are textual descriptions of your images. They are essential to allow search engines and screen readers to understand your images. Alt descriptions improve the accessibility of your website, as they allow for example screen readers to read the image for the visually impaired. But not only that! Adding Alt descriptions to all images on your website is a good practice to implement to improve your SEO performance

As a bonus, your images can be positioned on Google Image queries (SEO).

How to use the extension on Webflow?

It is very simple to use this extension on Webflow. Here are the different steps to follow:

  1. Install the chrome extension(add from this link)
  2. Open your Webflow project
  3. Open your image library
  4. Select one of your images
  5. Click on the AI Alt button(bottom left of the text field)
  6. Wait a few seconds and .... ✅
Chrome Extension AI Alt Text for Webflow
Add the Chrome extension
AI Alt text button on the Webflow asset library
The 🪄 button is now available
Example of alt text on a webflow image
Example of automatic generation of Alt description

The generated alternative description is a textual representation of the elements present on your image. And the quality of the result is impressive! 🤩

Pro tips 🇫🇷

The Alt Text generated by the AI of this extension are in English. But you just need to copy/paste them into Deepl to get a translation in any language, in just two clicks.

Conclusion on AI for ALT images

This chrome extension is a great tool to quickly generate ALT descriptions on your Webflow images for free. The descriptions are automatically generated in English and propose a textual description of the elements represented on your images.

Alt descriptions are a good practice to implement on your webflow sites to improve their accessibility and SEO performance.

And it's now much easier! 

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