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The future of Web Apps (Wized/Webflow) with Joe Krug and Bailey Fisher

"Give your site superpowers by combining Wized, Webflow & Xano" - Discover the future of Web Apps with insights from Joe Krug and Bailey Fisher

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Screenshot of Joe Krug and Bailey Fisher's live show


The world of web development is constantly evolving. As Webflow establishes itself as the undisputed leader in front-end development, enthusiasm within the community continues to grow. In their recent live talk, Joe Krug and Bailey Fisher shared their vision of thefuture of web apps and how Wized is revolutionizing the field.

1. Program: application, tools, requirements ...

  • Understanding what a Web App is
  • Web Apps vs Mobile Applications (e.g. Apple Store)
  • The challenges of creating Web Apps
  • The technical stack for creating a Web App with Webflow
  • Focus on Wized 2.0

2. Key information to remember :

2.1 The Web App: what is it?

A web app is a website that actively interacts with the user. Thanks to an API, it exchanges information based on the user's actions.

2.2 The Tech Stack recommended by Bailey :

  • Webflow for perfect front-end development
  • Wized for the API, ensuring a seamless link between front-end and back-end.
  • Xano to manage the back-end and structure your database.
  • Retool to administer this database.

The major advantage of this combination lies in the specialization of each tool, ensuring mastery in each field. This contrasts with platforms like Bubble, which seek to be versatile.

3. Why choose this Tech Stack?

Specialization vs. generalization:

When choosing tools for your project, it's essential to understand the difference between specialization and generalization.

By opting for specialized tools, you benefit from unrivalled expertise at every stage of the process. This allows you to avoid the compromises and limitations often encountered with "all-in-one" solutions.

Each component in this combination has been designed to excel in its specific field, guaranteeing optimal performance. Take Webflow, for example: it's unrivalled when it comes to front-end development. On the other hand, platforms like Bubble, by seeking to encompass everything, can sometimes sacrifice excellence for versatility.

3. Wized: Creating a web app with Webflow

Recently acquired by Finsweet, Wized is specifically designed to create high-performance web apps on Webflow. With the introduction of Wized 2.0, the platform takes another step forward. Users can now benefit from advanced features, including the ability to integrate custom code, offering greater flexibility and customization for your projects.

Find out more about Wized in this video presentation (the version shown is V1).

4. Examples of Web Apps built on Webflow with Wized

4.1 Weather application

Discover how to create a Webflow weather application with Wized

4.2 Reservation application

Discover an impressive property reservation application designed with Wized by Black Peak.

Example of a Webflow and Wized Web App with a room reservation system
Web App Webflow x Wized by Black Peak

Stay World Class


The live session with Joe Krug and Bailey Fisher was a wealth of information for anyone interested in the future of web apps. From demonstrations of Wized's capabilities to tips on selling web apps, there was a lot to learn. If you'd like to find out more, feel free to watch the full video ↓

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