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Building a leading brand through community involvement: the Salomon example

Find out in this article how Salomon, a leader in mountain sports, is turning its commitment to the community into a major asset.

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We live in a world where consumers are looking to connect with brands that have values and a vision.

At Digidopwe're convinced that community involvement is a crucial lever for business success. Because beyond simply selling products or services, it's about creating a whole ecosystem where the brand and its customers evolve together, sharing ideas, experiences and ideals, and creating a common history.

In this article, we wanted to explore the benefits of community involvement, through thecase study of the company Salomon. The undisputed leader in mountain sports, this French company has always been committed to its community, transforming this commitment into a major asset.

Here's how authentic engagement with a community can be a source of growth, innovation and customer loyalty for a company.

1. Sharing : Knowledge shared by Salomon

1.1 Educating and sharing

photo from Salomon's Youtube channel, Salomon TV

Salomon uses a rich and diversified communications strategy that goes far beyond its products.

Through its YouTube channel "Salomon TV", its website and its social networks, the company creates a space for exchange and learning for its community.

This sharing of experience takes many forms: inspirations, practical guides, technical advice, sports news, feedback, athlete interviews, vlogs and more. Every member of the community - skiers, snowboarders, runners, trailers and others - finds content tailored to their interests and needs.

1.2 Inspiring stories

At just 19 years of age, Kilian Jornet won the UTMB with the revolutionary "Skin" trail backpack created by Salomon. The moment marked the beginning of the trail-running era, with Salomon at the forefront, setting the trend for minimal equipment and inspiring a whole generation.

The stories of athletes like Kilian Jornet, promoted by Salomon, play a key role in building an emotional relationship between the brand and its community.

These stories, highlighting performance and personal experiences, allow customers to identify with the athletes, strengthening their attachment to the brand. By sharing these inspiring stories, Salomon establishes itself not only as an equipment supplier, but also as a source of inspiration and innovation for all mountain sports enthusiasts.

1.3 Products inspired by community needs

Salomon listens to its community, which enables it to design perfectly adapted equipment. Each Salomon product carries a history of innovation and adaptation to the real needs of athletes.

It is this user-centered approach that keeps Salomon at the forefront of innovation. The Skin backpack is a striking example of user-inspired innovation, responding to a need for minimalism and efficiency in trail running.

2. Activate: Involve the community in the adventure

2.1 Beyond products: Creating experiences

images of people on a chairlift skiing in bright sunshine

Salomon takes an experiential approach to its community , playing a leading role in theorganization of events.

Events like This is Trail Runnin, Plogga Run or Mountain Academy on Snowranging from trail running sessions to mountain adventures, allow Salomon to connect directly with its community. By offering these experiences, the brand doesn 't just promote its products; it creates a space where customers can live the brand's values, exchange with professionals and enthusiasts, and develop a sense of belonging to a wider community.

2.2 Innovative participatory marketing: The Salomon Spotify playlist

Spotify profile of the Salomon brand

Salomon's approach to participative marketing is quite innovative! Of course, the brand has a strong presence on social networks, enabling it to engage its community, respond to its customers and stay connected on a daily basis. While social networks are now a must for brands, it's the presence of Salomon on Spotify which illustrates its avant-garde approach.

Salomon directly engages its athletes in the creation of Spotify playlists dedicated to the community. This initiative allows Salomon customers to immerse themselves in the mood and state of mind of their favorite athletes during training or competition. In this way, Salomon creates a shared experience, further strengthening the commitment of its community.

3. Getting involved: Salomon in the field

3.1 Athlete support and presence at competitions

Salomon team athletes

At Salomon, athletes are more than just brand ambassadors; they are vital players in the Salomon community. Like Formula 1 teams, which fully integrate their drivers into their ecosystem, Salomon incorporates its athletes into a complete support structure, enabling them to concentrate on their passion and performance.

This approach is reminiscent of the way motor racing teams select and train the best drivers to represent their brand at the highest level. At Salomon, this strategy translates into support for athletes in a wide range of disciplines, from traileurs and snowboarders to skiers and runners.

When an athlete joins the Salomon team, he or she benefits from comprehensive support that may include :

  • an annual product allocation,
  • free registration for certain races,
  • coaching,
  • medical support,
  • access to Salomon partners

This integrated support structure demonstrates Salomon's commitment to its athletes, not only as competitors, but also as full members of the Salomon community.

This active presence in competitions isn't just about "showing the logo" of Salomon; it's a way of demonstrating the quality and performance of its equipment in action. When Salomon athletes compete, they show the world what the brand's products can do. Just like a Formula 1 car in a race: it proves that the technology and design of the car (or, in Salomon's case, its shoes, bags, skis, etc.) are first-class.

The impact of these high-performance athletes on the Salomon community is significant. Their success in competition is not limited to individual victories; it contributes to the pride of the entire Salomon community. Every exceptional performance, every new record set by these athletes becomes a moment of celebration for the entire community, creating a deeper bond between customers, athletes, and the brand.

Positive impact on the community: Salomon's commitment to environmental responsibility

100% recyclable Salomon Index 2.0 shoe
"Salomon's raison d'être is to help each person surpass themselves through intense outdoor sporting experiences. So that this person in turn brings about positive change." - Franco Fogliato, Salomon CEO

Franco Fogliato 's words demonstrate that Salomon is aware of its role in the market, aiming to inspire positive and sustainable change in both people's lives and the environment.

This translates into numerous Responsible Commitments, but a concrete example of this approach is embodied by the "Salomon INDEX" shoes. A revolutionary product in the sports industry, these shoes are 100% recyclable.

Salomon reinforces its position as a committed leader in promoting ecological awareness and sustainable living within its community.

Partnerships and community projects

Through partnerships and projects such as theQuality Ski Time Film Tour, Salomon extends its influence beyond the world of sport, supporting cultural and community initiatives.

This evening screening of 5 films is a testament to the brand's commitment to celebrating and supporting ski culture in all its forms. By supporting the making of these films, Salomon not only promotes its brand image; it enriches and inspires its community by sharing stories of determination, passion and adventure. It's a way for Salomon to reinforce its commitment to a community united by a love of sport and a quest for meaning in adventure.

Conclusion: Salomon, a model of community involvement

Salomon's commitment to its community is a perfect example of how a company can transform its relationship with its customers into a true symbiosis of values, experiences and innovations. By going beyond simply selling products, Salomon creates an ecosystem where every member contributes and benefits from an enriched experience, whether it's education, sharing, community activation, or active participation.

Salomon's approach to community involvement is therefore a model for companies wishing to establish lasting, meaningful links with their public. It demonstrates that by placing the community at the heart of its strategy, a brand can not only prosper, but also become a vector of change and inspiration for all.

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