Badge Webflow Award Winner 2023 The Complete Guide for Digital Agencies

Explore the importance of Awwwards, how to get them, and how they can propel your agency into the international spotlight.

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Awwwards. com isn't just a platform, it's a veritable institution in the world of web design and development. Internationally recognized, it serves as a showcase for the excellence and talent of the best web developers, designers and agencies across the globe. In this article, discover the importance of Awwwards, how to get them, and how they can propel your agency to the forefront of the international scene.

1. What is an Awwward?

An Awwward is an internationally recognized award from, celebrating excellence in design, creativity, usability and innovation in web development. Winners are chosen by a panel of expert judges, as well as by votes from the Awwwards community.

Screenshots of some Awwwards-winning sites
Some winners ✨

1.1 The different Awwwards

There are several types of award on, each based on specific criteria:

  • Nominations: Each site submitted to Awwwards is automatically nominated. This means it will be evaluated by the Awwwards community and jury.
  • Site Of The Day (SOTD): Every day, one site is selected as the best among all those submitted. It's a coveted award that offers great visibility.
  • Developer Site of The Day (DSOTD): This award is given to sites that demonstrate excellence in coding and web development.
  • Site Of The Month (SOTM): Each month, from among all the SOTDs, only one is elected Site Of The Month. This award offers even greater visibility and recognition.
  • Site Of The Year (SOTY): This award is the most prestigious of all, and is presented once a year. Sites are judged on a number of criteria, including design, usability, creativity, content and development.

1.2 How to get an Awwward

Example of a community vote for a site on Awwwards
Example of an Awwwards community vote

To get an Awwward, you need to submit your website to The process is simple and transparent:

  1. Submit your site: Register with and submit your website for evaluation.
  2. Community and jury evaluation: Your site will be evaluated by the Awwwards community and jury, which includes recognized experts in the field of web design and development. Consult the official evaluation grids on this page.
  3. Voting: Awwwards community members vote for their favorite sites. Sites receiving the most votes are more likely to receive an Awwward.
  4. Receive your Awwward: If your site is selected, you'll receive your Awwward, and your work will be recognized by the international web design community.

Important: there is a charge for submitting a project.

A platform to showcase your agency's websites

Example of a project nominated on Awwwards
Example of a project nominated on Awwwards offers an excellent platform for showcasing your agency's work. By submitting your site to Awwwards, you have the opportunity to showcase your talent to an international audience. What's more, earning an Awwward can greatly enhance your reputation and attract new customers. Here are some of the major advantages of using this platform:

  • Global visibility: attracts an international community of web professionals. By submitting your site, you expose your work to a global audience.
  • Professional recognition: Winning an Awwward is a recognized mark of quality in the web industry. It can considerably enhance your agency's reputation.
  • Customer appeal: Potential clients who see that your agency has received an Awwward may be more inclined to choose your services for their projects.
  • Constructive feedback: Feedback from industry experts can help you improve the quality of your work and outdo yourself.
  • Team motivation and commitment: The chance to win an Awwward can be a source of motivation for your team, stimulating creativity and commitment.

In short, isn't just a platform for showcasing "the world's best websites" - it's also a powerful marketing tool for boosting your agency's credibility, attracting new customers and energizing your team.

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Discover's nomination on Awwwards →

3 Alternatives to

Overview of the filtering system

Discover 3 alternative platforms to promote or discover websites:

  1. This platform is a showcase of the most impressive web creations made with the Webflow CMS. If you use Webflow and want to get inspiration or show off your work, this is the place to be.
  2. Godly Godly is another platform where designers can share their web creations. It is renowned for its collection of websites with impressive and innovative design. The designs featured on Godly cover a wide range of styles and sectors, offering a great source of inspiration.
  3. Lapaninja Lapaninja is a platform featuring a variety of websites selected for their quality design. It's an excellent source of inspiration for web designers and developers looking to discover new trends and ideas.


Awwwards. com is much more than just a website. It's an inspiring platform, dedicated to the praise and celebration of excellence in web design and development, where enthusiasts and experts meet. However, the scope of this platform goes far beyond these aspects. is also a formidable marketing tool, offering a range of levers to propel your agency into the limelight. Of these, winningthe coveted "Awwward " award remains the most coveted, a distinction that certifies your expertise in the eyes of the world.

Beyond recognition, submitting your site to Awwwards is a unique opportunity to get professional feedback on your projects. It's a valuable way of refining your work and continuing to make progress. And who knows? Maybe you'll receive the next Awwward!

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