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Use the magic of AI with Video Translate from HeyGen's Labs. Translate your videos into other languages with drag-and-drop ease. Fast, easy and with quality results!

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Free - $72

Use cases

  • Video translation

  • Video subtitling

Translate your videos easily with AI

HeyGen's Labs recently launched a new AI-powered feature: Video Translate. This feature automatically translates your video content into the most popular languages, retaining your accent if you wish, and adapting your lip movements, simply by dragging and dropping your file.

Find out in this article how to use it and what we think of this solution!

The HeyGen labs

HeyGen is a SaaS platform that uses the power of generative AI to help companies or content creators produce videos faster and easier. The platform also features a "Labs" area that regularly unveils new solutions. This week, a new feature is making the news: Video Translate.

How do I translate my video with "Video translate"?

Video Translate is a feature that lets you translate any video by dragging and dropping your file into a format supported by the tool. Then simply choose the destination language.

Supported languages :

Input: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese

Output: English (American accent), English (your accent), Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese

Demonstration in pictures

(1) Drag & Drop your file

Video Translate interface overview

(2) Select destination language

Choice of several translation languages - Video translate

(3) Credit confirmation and validation

Confirmation of translation and credit number on HeyGen Labs

HEyGen tool prices

Price per month (with annual subscription) :

  • Free ($0): 1 free credit, videos up to 1 minute, 1 seat, HD resolution
  • Creator ($24): 15 free credits/month, videos up to 5 minutes, 1 seat, HD resolution
  • Business ($72): 30 free credits/month, videos up to 20 minutes, 1 seat, 4K resolution, API access

Our verdict on "Video Translate" translation AI

So far, we've only tried out the free version, and the results are impressive. The tool is easy to use, saves time and, in our case, represents a considerable saving compared to hiring a new voice-over artist for our advertising.

The only downside is that, victim of its own success, creation times are currently very long, due to the long queues.

What does the future hold for this feature?

Imagine being able to duplicate your video content in multiple languages with just a few clicks. Or even native integration of this transformation by a video platform such as YouTube or Netflix?

The video content creation industry (especially video translation) is on the cusp of a revolution.

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HeyGen - Video Translate
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