Slater : The ultimate tool for combining Webflow & Javascript

Slater transforms web development in Webflow with seamless integration, assistive AI and a scripting library, offering a new era of interactive creation.

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Slater 🤙 - Webflow code environment

Web development has evolved considerably in recent years, thanks to the emergence of "No-Code" and "Low-Code" tools that have democratized website creation. Webflow is one of these popular visual tools, making it possible to design websites without programming skills.

However, despite its many features, Webflow has its limits when it comes to custom code and advanced JavaScript development. That's where Slater, a new development environment, comes in to bridge the gap and offer Webflow users an unprecedented development experience.

1. Limits of Custom Code in Webflow

Webflow offers users the possibility of adding custom code to further personalize their websites. Custom code can be added in an embed element, on an entire page (in the head tag or before the body closing tag) or on the site as a whole (in the head tag or before the body closing tag).

However, this approach presents major challenges. On the one hand, testing custom code in the Webflow interface requires publishing the entire site (including HTML and CSS modifications), which can be tedious and time-consuming. On the other hand, for experienced developers wishing to exploit the full capabilities of JavaScript, the Webflow environment may seem limited and impractical for advanced development. Finally, a Webflow embed cannot contain code longer than 10,000 characters (including spaces).

2. Slater - A Revolution for Web Development in Webflow

Slater is emerging as a real breakthrough in web development within the Webflow ecosystem.

Created by Edgar Alan, this innovative solution, tailor-made to operate in synergy with Webflow, radically transforms the way developers approach website creation. By positioning itself as adedicated development environment, Slater provides an arena where developers can dive headlong into coding, testing and optimizing their JavaScript, all without the need for global site publishing.

This ingenious integration allows Webflow users to explore the benefits of custom code while taking advantage of the platform's fluid visual interface.

Find out in detail how Slater is revolutionizing web development in Webflow :

  • Dedicated Development Environment: Slater pushes the boundaries by offering a workspace specifically designed for development tasks. Gone are the constraints of having to publish the entire site to test custom code elements. With Slater, developers have a dedicated playground in which to experiment, perfect and innovate with JavaScript.
  • Intuitive coding experience: Slater's seamless integration with Webflow means that developers can capitalize on this platform's familiar visual interface. At the same time, they have the freedom to immerse themselves in complex coding tasks in an isolated environment, without compromising the overall experience of the site under development.
  • Significant time savings: Slater breaks the tedious cycle of publish, check, fix, republish. Thanks to this innovative tool, developers can now edit, correct and fine-tune their JavaScript without having to leave the development environment. This translates into considerable time savings and faster iteration to create impeccable websites.
  • Customization flexibility: Slater gives developers unprecedented freedom to customize and fine-tune their JavaScript to the specific needs of each project. This flexibility extends to both small optimizations and large features, enabling the creation of websites that stand out and deliver an exceptional user experience.
  • A bridge between visuals and code: Slater elegantly bridges the gap between the visual world and code. Users can create eye-catching designs in Webflow and, at the same time, integrate advanced JavaScript functionality into Slater. This opens up an infinite range of possibilities for websites, where aesthetics and performance are harmoniously unified.
  • Learning Facilitator: Slater proves to be a valuable ally for novice developers wishing to dive into JavaScript coding. Thanks to its built-in conversational AI, Slater offers detailed explanations, tutorials and even patches to help beginners understand and master the ins and outs of web development.

With Slater, you can add specific code to one of your pages or to your entire project. You can also add external scripts in the parameters of your Slater page or your entire project.

Javascript code in Slater
Slater Webflow external scripts

In short, Slater reinvents the way we approach web development in Webflow. By providing a dedicated development environment, fluid integration and intelligent assistance, Slater unlocks new horizons for developers, enabling them to combine the power of JavaScript with the refined aesthetics of Webflow.

Introduction to Javascript and Jquery

3. Integrated Conversational AI for Development Assistance

The essence of innovation lies in the way Slater integrates conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to offer unprecedented support to developers. This is where Slater takes a giant step forward, allowing users to interact with an AI chat interface, for consultations, clarifications and even corrections related to JavaScript code.

Slater's conversational AI acts as a virtual guide, ready to answer questions and offer solutions, transforming the web development experience.

Using ChatGPT as a Javascript assistant

Discover how Slater's conversational AI revolutionizes the development process :

  • Fluid, relevant conversation: Dialogue with Slater's AI is natural and fluid, like a discussion with an experienced colleague. Developers can ask questions, seek clarification on complex concepts, or even request an analysis of their code. The AI responds with precision, providing contextual information to guide users towards optimal solutions.
  • Real-time support: One of the most attractive features of Slater's conversational AI is its real-time availability. Developers are no longer limited by the response time of a forum or online resource. Slater's AI is ready to help at a moment's notice, speeding up the problem-solving process and enabling users to get on with their work without interruption.
  • Correction and Optimization: when errors are detected in the code, Slater's AI can not only identify the problems, but also propose concrete solutions. This feature is particularly beneficial for budding developers, who can learn by doing, with valuable help at hand.
  • Guided learning: For novices venturing into the complex world of JavaScript coding, Slater's conversational AI is a virtual mentor. It can provide detailed explanations of fundamental concepts, guide step-by-step through concrete examples, and even encourage exploration of new features. In this way, learning becomes an immersive, interactive experience.
  • Advanced Code Analysis: Slater's conversational AI is more than just an assistant; it is capable of in-depth analysis of the code supplied by developers. This enables it to spot subtle errors, optimize performance and offer suggestions for improving code quality. In this way, developers can make rapid progress while raising their skill level.
Slater's conversational artificial intelligence to generate javascript code

By integrating state-of-the-art conversational AI, Slater transcends the traditional barriers of web development. Developers can now benefit from a virtual mentor available 24/7, an expert coding guide and a quasi-reliable problem-solving partner.

4. Reusable Library for Optimal Productivity

Slater's reusable library is a nugget of ingenuity that takes web development efficiency to new levels. Indeed, Slater offers much more than just a development environment, it also provides an intelligent solution for capitalizing on accumulated expertise and maximizing productivity at every stage of the creation process. Here's how Slater's library is revolutionizing web development:

  • Resource capitalization: with Slater's library, developers can save their custom scripts, complex functions and innovative solutions. This creates a reservoir of ready-to-use resources, available for reuse from one project to the next. No more tedious redundancies: every line of code created becomes a valuable resource that enriches the library.
  • Workflow optimization: One of the most common frustrations in web development is having to recode similar functionality for each project. Slater's cross-project library breaks this cycle by providing a centralized space where developers can access scripts and components already created. This speeds up the development process considerably, enabling teams to focus on innovation rather than repetition.
  • Facilitated collaboration: Slater's library promotes harmonious collaboration between team members. Developers can share their scripts and solutions across the company, creating a culture of shared knowledge and creativity. Tried and tested functionality can be easily integrated into new projects, ensuring greater consistency and quality in all developments.
  • Standardization and Consistency: With Slater's library, companies can define coding standards and best practices that are easily accessible to all team members. This ensures consistency in development approaches, reinforcing the quality of end products. Developers can apply the same proven solutions, minimizing errors and discrepancies.
Creating a Slater code library

In short, Slater's reusable library transforms the way developers approach coding. It fosters innovation, collaboration and productivity by providing simplified access to proven resources and solutions.

5. Easy integration with Webflow

Slater is an environment designed for Webflow. This seamless integration opens up a world of opportunities for developers, harmoniously combining the advantages of Webflow's intuitive visual interface with Slater's advanced development features. Here's how integration with Webflow makes Slater an essential tool for developers:

  • Instant connection: Integration between Webflow and Slater is quick and easy. With just a few clicks, developers can connect their Webflow projects to Slater, creating a powerful link between the two platforms. This instant connection eliminates the barriers between visual design and JavaScript development, providing a seamless, fluid development experience.
  • Parallel working: Thanks to Slater's integration with Webflow, developers can work in parallel on the visual and functional aspects of a project. While Webflow's visual interface enables the creation of captivating layouts, Slater concentrates on JavaScript development. This approach enables teams to save time by avoiding the need to go back and forth between different platforms.
  • Flexibility and efficiency: Slater's integration with Webflow offers exceptional flexibility. Developers can fully exploit the custom code features in Slater to add complex interactions, animations and advanced functionality, while benefiting from the simplicity and speed of Webflow's visual design.
  • Better code management: The integration also facilitates code management. Developers can work on specific JavaScript features in Slater without having to publish the entire site for testing. This enables more efficient iterative development, where changes can be made and tested quickly without disrupting the overall workflow.
  • Creative synergy: The integration of Slater and Webflow promotes creative synergy between design and development teams. Designers can create impressive layouts in Webflow, while developers add the necessary interactive and dynamic features in Slater. This close collaboration guarantees consistent, impressive end results.
Slater integration code for Webflow
Code to copy and paste into the global code of your Webflow project

Developers benefit from Webflow's ease of use and Slater's development power, offering an unrivalled web creation experience. This integration redefines the way web projects are created, eliminating silos and promoting effective collaboration between teams, while guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance for every project.

6. To go further and configure the tool

If you'd like to learn more about how to use Slater (to understand how to install it and how to use it) you can watch Théo Rolland 's instructive video series on the subject :


Slater represents a major breakthrough in Webflow web development. By offering a dedicated development environment, conversational AI support and a reusable library, Slater eliminates the limits of custom code in Webflow, enabling developers to create powerful, innovative and elegant websites.

If you're looking to improve your web development workflow and take full advantage of Webflow's capabilities, Slater is the ideal solution for reinventing your approach to web development and creating outstanding websites.

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